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Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Reviews Say it All!

Besides providing athletes with top-notch sport nutrition, one of our favourite things to do is read our customer reviews. We've compiled some below - do you love your Infinit blend? Make sure to leave us a comment letting us know what you like best!!

Infinit CUSTOM
Chris: "... I now have one product to quench my needs during the run and bike and no longer carry any gels."

Eleanor: "... I have suffered with digestive issues with other products, but not this one."

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Infinit REPAIR
Eric: "... 132km of bike and 13km run on a hilly course, followed by one bottle of Repair... the results are clear! I was top shape the next morning and even now two days after!! Beats anything I have ever tried so far!"

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Infinit RESCUE
Chrissy: "This is by far the best post workout shake I have ever had..."

Erica: "Best fuel on the market. Taste is clean and not overly sweet like most powders on the market. The name really sums up the feeling you get after you take it... Recovered!"

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Infinit RAW
Andrew: "... I recommend the RAW for all my athletes! Love this stuff!"

Garth: "The gold standard for whey protein is right! So easily mixed with anything that the options are limitless for ways to get extra high quality protein!..."

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Infinit RIDE
Melonie: "I have had some of my best race results fuelled by Infinit. It has helped take my performance to another level."

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Angela: "We are really happy since we switched to Jet fuel, I love that I can make it anywhere and how affordable it is too."

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