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Monday, December 7, 2015

CrossFit WHL - Where I Work & Play

Late in 2013 we decided that we wanted to see if we could effectively fuel CrossFit athletes.  After working with some regional level athletes and coaches we found out that we certainly had a place in CrossFit.  Little did I know I soon would become a fixture at one of our local boxes.  I believe it was in May of 2014 that I drove by CrossFit WHL - I didn't even know it existed until that day.  Later that afternoon I dropped by the box and met Bobby Tran, owner/coach of The WorkHorse Lifestyle.  Almost instantly we connected and we both thought it would be a good idea to trial the products with his members and our Infinit Strength blends took off.  With the business relationship strongly in place by late summer of 2014 I was now very intrigued with CrossFit and wanted to be involved.  I became a member in August 2014.

You will hear varied opinions on what CrossFit is.  For me, number one is CrossFit WHL is a community.  Daily you enter this gym where ego is left behind and you challenge yourself along side your friends.  You give it everything you have; you do not want to disappoint yourself or your community.  The box has been referred to as a lab, it is a place where we find our limitations and understand what limits us, and then work to overcome that limiter to truly improve.  I, as an example coming from 10 years of endurance racing had some crazy tight hips, hamstrings, back and ankles.  During foundations Bobby assessed me doing a body weight squat and identified that the first areas of focus would be ankle and hip flexibility.  Did this mean that I wouldn't perform a squat until I had adequate flexibility - no!  We would scale the exercise so that my strength could increase as my flexibility increased.  As an example, I started doing back squats down to a 24" box, then down to a bench, then down to a wall ball on a plate....  Today I am able to do a squat with my thighs going down below parallel.  As they say in yoga - that position may not be available today, implying that with consistent practice what is not available today, can be in the future.  Same goes in the box.  You are never without a limiter, there is always something that is preventing a better performance,
whether that is a heavier lift, a better time or more calories/reps performed within a given time.  Being able to identify these limiters and then working on them results in us becoming better; it is truly a human performance lab.

Convenience of having your gym across the street!
I was always intrigued with the CrossFit style of workouts.  I would have never dreamt that it would have become such an important part of my daily routine.  I have a new community; a community that I visit most days and leave everything I have; each and every time I come out stronger.  I am grateful after our move to our current location - I can look out my window and see my lab!

Thanks Bobby for creating such a great environment.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada