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Monday, December 7, 2015

Day in the Life of Brent Fikowski

Monday, November 30th/ 2015

04:40 Wake up and have a small snack, drive to training at Kelowna CrossFit.
05:20 Begin warmup then hit the following training session. This is a larger than normal session for me, so I will be having two scoops of Infinit Xcite. 

       Accumulated 18 strict muscle-ups and 45 strict handstand pushups for skill and strength
       20 sets of 1 deadlift on the 30 seconds @ 70% of my 1 rep      max
       4 rounds of bench press and bent over row supersets with structured rest

       Conditioning TABATA style intervals with slam balls, kettlebell swings and airdyne sprints
       Squatting for technique staying below 60% of 1 rep max for sets of 5

As always I finish with Infinit Beta Alanine & Creatine and Infinit Recover. Of course a banana too.

Brent putting in work! 
07:50 Drive to chiropractor appointment for an adjustment, laser therapy and traction.
08:40 Arrive home and eat breakfast! My favourite meal of the day. It always consists of three eggs, one piece of bacon, grilled vegetables, oats, yogurt and berries.

09:40 Bike 10 minutes to work. This bike ride is starting to get pretty cold!
09:50 Arrive at work. I am an accountant at an advertising company. I have a stand-up adjustable desk and a very relaxed work environment with a lot of great people. We mostly make Facebook advertisements on your news feed. You're welcome.
10:30 Fibre Optic internet from Telus cuts out. This is not ideal because all of our company's business is done online. Wait on hold with Telus on and off for 90 minutes to resolve the issue. It was a clerical error and they are sorry. We are not impressed.
12:00 Eat first lunch while at my desk. It consists of sweet potato, beef, veggies, and nuts.
13:10 Discuss with my co-worker the upcoming Star Wars movie and the recent Jar Jar Sith theory we read about online. 
13:20 I continue my bean counting.
14:20 Eat second lunch, basically the same as the first just pork instead of beef
18:00 Finish work and bike to Shopper's Drugmart to buy white athletic tape and Rock Tape. They are sold out of both.

18:20 Arrive home hungry and cold. I have a cup of warm bone broth and re-heat some home-made pumpkin soup.

18:30 Fry a pork chop with some greens and serve with cold cooked beets.

18:45 Eat food then stretch while watching last night's "The Walking Dead". Rick Grimes needs to take action and start biting necks again if he wants his kids to survive. Just my two cents.
19:30 Hang up laundry, clean kitchen, answer some emails, book a hotel for my upcoming competition in Miami and prepare clothing for tomorrow. The plan is to bike to training instead of drive so I need my winter garb.
20:20 Chat with my girlfriend about our upcoming trip home to Alberta.
20:40 Say goodnight.
20:40:30 Fall asleep immediately.

Pretty exciting! Right...?!...