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Monday, January 11, 2016

Day in the Life of Curtis Laurie

Thursday, January 7th

Thursday is one of my favourite days! Swimming in the morning with Windsor Aquatic Club Masters, with a crazy tough muscle building bike workout in the afternoon. These are my two areas of significant weakness in triathlon and I am working very hard to change this.

04:30 – Alarm goes off and getting my eyes open is a struggle after last night’s run workout.
05:00 – Toast with Nutella and a yogurt is my pre workout nutrition of choice this morning. I shake up a bottle of Infinit Jet Fuel with ice and a bottle of Infinit Repair with a ton of ice and toss everything in my swim bag.
05:15 – On my way to the pool for the first workout of the day. Jet Fuel in hand priming the engine for a great workout. 
05:30 – Hit the pool deck happy to see long course lengths are indeed instore for today’s workout. Check out the workout for the day below.

Warm Up
300 Easy Swim Freestyle

3x100 Pull on 2:00min
3x100 (Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle) Main Set
12x100 (Broken Down Below) 1-4 (50 Smooth, 50Hard)
5-8 (Build with last 20m Sprint @ 1:40)
9-12 (50 Smooth, 50 Build @1:30) 100 Easy Stretch
6x200 (Broken Down Below) 1-3 (Pull @3:15)
4-6 (Shortest Number of Strokes Possible @3:30)

Cool Down
100 Backstroke

100 Breaststroke
100 Double arm backstroke

07:00 – Out of the pool, shower, change and drive the 15min to the office with Infinit Repair in hand. 
07:30 – Second breakfast at work consisting of oatmeal, banana and finish off Infinit Repair. 
08:00 – Morning meeting at the office to help a customer with his vision guided robotics application. I do business development for an engineering firm which uses “cameras” to find defects, ensure items are assembled correctly, and guide robots and sort products on automated machinery.

10:30 – Hungry again ...surprise... good thing I have a stash of granola bars in my desk. Starting my morning 1L of water. Also locked down a new project with an aerospace customer in Seattle.
12:00 – Lunch with a potential new customer. #CurtisTip: Thai Palace has an excellent Green Coconut Curry on Rice.
13:00 – More meetings that no one wants to hear about. On to the next fun part of my day... Can’t forget 1L of water for the afternoon.
16:30 – Just got home, time to jump onto the Computrainer. First, I like to have some protein on the bike so my Infinit Custom Blend is perfect for hard cycling workouts. This is the custom blend I like for my Ironman 70.3 distance races. Here is my second workout for the day.

Warm Up:
20 minutes Easy Riding

Main Set:
5 minutes All Out Effort

10 minutes EASY riding
2x10 minutes SUB-Threshold (95-100% of FTP Power) 5 minutes rest intervals in between

Cool Down:
15 minutes Easy Riding 

18:00 – Quick shower with Infinit Repair ... Yes in the shower.
18:30 – Dinner with the girlfriend and her family at Swiss Chalet. Dinner consisted of a quarter chicken dinner white meat, baked potato and lots of veggies.
20:00 – A little bit of cake to top off this amazing day of work, training and family time.
21:00 – Toss a load of laundry into the washing machine. At this point, I'm feeling pretty tight so stretching and foam rolling is top priority so tomorrow will not be very pleasant.
21:15 – In bed and asleep in about 10 milliseconds.