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Monday, January 25, 2016

Day in the Life of Meg Gregoire!

Monday, January 18, 2016

06:30 Wake up and get ready for school.  Last year I would’ve been at the pool already for an hour but my awesome new coach Kyla Coates doesn’t believe in morning swim practices for developing athletes in high school!  I cried tears of joy when she told me this!

07:15 Have a balanced breakfast of fresh fruit, PB, and toast.  I am a vegan so no eggs or dairy for me.

08:00 Out the door for another day of grade 11 at Vincent Massey HS.  Dad stops on the way at Starbucks for his morning coffee and I get a soy hot chocolate – it’s really cold this morning so I’m making no apologies!

11:30 Lunch – or when non-triathletes eat lunch anyhow.  My metabolism is such that I never really stop eating for very long.  I am always taking in some small nutrition in every class.  In the caf at school, I mostly dance!

15:06 School is over for the day and I’ve got a run workout before dry-land training and swim practice tonight.  The temp is up and the snow is falling.  It’s a gorgeous Canadian winter day.  Running in the quiet snow is magical.  I love it.

16:00 Run over and now I’m taking in some Infinit to refuel between workouts.  I find that my body responds really well to my custom blend during the afternoons when I do most of my workouts.  I’ve got an hour to hit the books for exams next week before I leave for the pool.

17:30 At the Windsor Aquatic Centre – an amazing new 77 m pool here in Windsor with moving bulkheads and dive towers.  I’m really lucky to train in such a great facility.  My swim coach Cord Kitson puts us through 60 minutes of dry-land training and then we are in the water today for a 60 min swim session.  This winter I am really working on my swim efficiency in the water and Cord’s coaching is really starting to pay off.  I am only 5’ tall and getting efficient in the water, reducing my stroke count, and generating some power in a small frame isn’t easy but today I totally nail my target of 15 SPL (strokes / length) on my pace time of 1:25.  I’m really excited with my progress this year and hitting 15 SPL for the first in our main set is a great reward for all the hours in the water.

20:00 Home from the pool and time for some more fuel.  I drink my Recovery formula right after practice on the drive home.  Tonight dinner is vegan shepard’s pie – one of my favourite’s.  Sorry fam, but those leftovers are mine!

21:00 Another hour or so of studying to do before it’s lights out at 22:30.  Kyla has a tough bike workout for me tomorrow and I will be back in the pool for another 90 minutes after school as well.  Every day is just another small step towards my goals and I couldn’t get to where I want to go without Infinit.