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Friday, January 8, 2016

#InfinitTips: How to get the Most out of Every Workout!

A new year means new goals, and to make the most of 2016 you'll want to make the most of your time in the gym. We've compiled 5 of our top tips to help you make the most out of every workout and we've asked some of our Team Infinit athletes for their input and tips! Happy training!

1. Warmup and Cool Down.
This may seem simple or obvious, but it is crucial. Effective warmups and cool downs will prevent injury and improve the effectiveness of your training; incorporate dynamic and static stretching, foam rolling, and biking into your everyday warm up and cool down routine. Dynamic stretching not only activates the muscles you will be using during your workout, but it also improves your range of motion and enhances your muscular performance and power. Try this: Start out on a bike or treadmill for 10 mins at a low-medium intensity to warmup your muscles. Use a foam roller to work out any kinks or knots. (Not sure how to properly foam roll? Here is a great tutorial from Runners World.) Then incorporate some dynamic stretches to prepare your muscle for the load ahead. Here are some great movements to get you ready to work: Five-Minute Dynamic Warmup Routine. Finish off your workout with a light ride on a stationary bike, some static stretching and foam rolling. 

Chaim Schalk; Team Canada Beach Volleyball, Team Infinit Athlete: "I always try to have a good long dynamic warmup with a combination of movements to warm the whole body up. This helps prevent injury and makes it easier to have an effective work out."

Erica Livett; Regional CrossFit Athlete, Team Infinit Athlete: "COOL DOWN!!! Trust me, it will catch up with you and you will be spending more money and time on massages and chiropractor appointments to keep yourself healthy and moving correctly (This is not a valid excuse to stay sitting on the couch!)"

2. Hydration.
Proper hydration before, during and after your workout is a key element in seeing success at the gym. Fuelling your body for your goals is the most important concept any athlete at any level must understand. Pre-workout; fuel your body with a high-carb, high-protein meal to sustain you efforts throughout your workout. During your workout; sip on a blend designed specifically for your needs. This will keep you energized and hydrated to ensure effective performance - our favourite blend is Infinit XCite for weightlifting and Jetfuel for short-endurance. Finally, within 30 minutes of training consume a post-workout drink that is high in protein and carbs to replenish your muscles and kick start your recovery. We have some great intra-workout and post workout blends on that are designed specifically for your sport and your needs. 

EL: "Don’t eat a huge meal before your workout, have some protein and carbs about 1hr before and finish off your workout with a good quality protein and carbohydrate drink.  If you are like me and do CrossFit then Infinit Rescue is perfect for this!" 

CS: I always make sure to hydrate before, during, and after workouts. Infinit helps me stay hydrated at all times. Post workout I use Infinit rescue or repair to help me prepare for the rest of my day and week."

EL: "Drink lots of water; a hydrated muscle is a happy muscle and produces far more force and repairs faster too.  Using an Amino Acid supplement about 30min before your workout can aid in reducing muscle soreness and provide the building blocks to facilitate muscle repair and growth.  Try the Aminos from Infinit."

3. Mindset. 
Having the proper mindset heading into your workout will work wonders; a positive attitude will lead to a better workout. If you go in feeling down on yourself and unmotivated, odds are this will be reflected in your training efforts. Find a way that works for you to focus and motivate yourself before walking into the gym and you'll be guaranteed a great workout every time! Some other tips to getting yourself motivated are setting realistic expectations, finding a workout buddy and having fun! 

Erika Rankin; Competitive Triathlete, Team Infinit Athlete: "For me I think the most important thing is mindset. If I have a positive attitude going into the workout or training session I know I will train harder than if I had a negative outlook. I like to think about how each of my practices and workouts will impact future events. If I don't feel as if I have worked my hardest when I'm finished, I don't think it was a good workout so I like to think of afterwards as well. Over the past year I've learned that your attitude is crucial to progressing in any sport so I've really tried to increase my sense of positivity and mental strength. By going into a workout with a good mental game, it really helps me to get the most out of each workout I do. "

EL: "Go in with a plan and stay committed! Weather you are hitting up the local Globo Gym, attending a CrossFit class or following individualized programming, always have a plan set out before you set foot in the gym! ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’!  There are countless training programs, blogs or classes you can follow so just pick one and FOLLOW IT.  Don’t keep changing your mind, it takes a while to see results so stick it out!  Remember you are never losing by doing something."

4. Technique. 
Perfect your technique. This will prevent injury, ensure your safety, proper body alignment and stability, and it will teach you how to correctly work the targeted muscle groups resulting in quicker, more effective results. There are tons of tutorials for every exercise you could ever think of and more. We recommend starting out on for great videos showing proper movements and techniques. When in doubt - ask a friend or fellow training partner to watch or film you performing your exercise and review your form to make sure you are properly executing each movement. 

CS: "Having great technique in exercise is better than lifting more weight. Also, always take enough time between sets to recover in order to maximize each exercise." 
- #InfinitTip: We recommend 2 minutes between each set, especially when lifting heavy!

5. Final words of wisdom from Erica... 
"Above all HAVE FUN!!! If you are hating going to the gym or find it boring then find something that does interest you and do that.  Not everyone likes yoga or CrossFit or Spin class and that’s ok! Find what you love to do and go do it!"