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Monday, January 4, 2016

Is Your Nutrition Holding you Back?

Poor nutrition is a thing of the past for customers Doug and Gail. After switching to Infinit, their results and recovery time have improved incredibly. Read their reviews below.

"Having struggled with nutrition and hydration for long course triathlon I gave Infinit a try. Did some research and with the info on this website was able to put together a custom blend that works for me. No bonking or GI issues, simple and easy to use in concentrated form, only need to top up with water at aid stations. Removes the gamble of using on course nutrition and the hassle of packing gels etc. Won't go back to anything else!!!"

"Imagine waking up the day after a long marathon training run to find that you aren't sore! Since using REPAIR, I am finding my recovery rate has greatly improved!"