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Monday, April 11, 2016

Day in the Life of Joanna Brown

Friday, April 1

A Gold Medal lineup!
6:00am - Alarm goes off and its time to wake up! Depending on how crazy my workouts were on Thursday this could be a long process. Sometimes it feels like my eyelids are glued shut.

6:15am - I’m up (finally) and having my favourite coffee…my awesome roommate Alex Coates has an espresso machine so coffee is always something I look forward to…not to mention the taste of Barista coffee! (
I also usually try to get down a banana with peanut butter, honey, and salt (try it!)

6:35am - Alexander and I head off to the pool at the University of Guelph.

6:45am - We arrive at the pool and get on deck to do a few shoulder and core activation exercises and then its time to get in! The pool is usually cold so this can also be a process but I try not to think about it too much.

7:00am - Swimming….Friday’s are usually long endurance swims and today our swim featured some 1000’s, 2x500’s and 10x50’s…Coach CT is trying to tire us out…

Hot Tub closed - almost not even worth coming to the pool!
9:00am - Swim done, jump out of the pool and do a few core exercises and some external shoulder rotation and I start sipping on my Infinit Aminos blend.

9:30am - Home for breakfast. Alexander and I have been making pancakes in the morning and the recipe includes bananas, Infinit Chocolate Raw, eggs, cocoa, honey, chia, oatmeal, and milk. I fry them up with coconut oil and top them with peanut butter and greek yogurt. We usually have breakfast and watch an episode (or two) of The Office.

10:30am - Retreat to my bed to try and grab a couple minutes of sleep before we head off to the gym.

12:15am - Leave for the gym at the University of Guelph.  

Time to do some work in the office. 
12:30am - We have an hour of weights with mobility. In the fall and winter we lift heavy under the watchful eye of our strength coach Jordan Foley.

1:30am - Head back from the gym and grab some more food! Today lunch was eggs, rice, and spinach salad with cheese and avocado and lots of sriracha. After lunch I take a few minutes to answer some emails and lie down before the evening session.

4:00pm - Roll out for a ride with the TCPC crew. The spring weather decided to cooperate so today was an outdoor ride with 3x10’ of threshold. I used Infinit JetFuel to keep my energy up and its so easy on my stomach that I can use it when I’m going really hard.

6:00pm - Off the bike and straight into a little run to get the legs used to the feeling of running off the bike.

6:30pm - Shower and start preparing dinner. We had a “smorgasbord” this evening, which is our go to…sausage, rice, sweet potato, avocado, spinach, lots of cheese, and any veggies we want!

7:30pm - Dinner is ready and we settle in to a few episodes of The Office, then its time to do dishes and pack away the leftovers.

9:30pm - In bed and reading…ready for some serious zzz’s and to do it all over again tomorrow.