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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Day in the Life of Erica Livett!

Day in the Life:

5:00am: Alarm goes off. I immediately turn my bedside light on.

5:01am: Cat makes it impossible to snooze even if wanted. Dogs think it's playtime too… 

5:06am:  I'm up after a quick cuddle with the animals.

How could you leave bed with these two snuggling up to you!?
5:10am: Walk downstairs and put coffee on, take my Infinit Aminos, turn lights and heat on in garage gym and go back upstairs to get dressed. 

5:30am: Training partner is here and we get stuck into warmup and training for the morning, typically consists of conditioning, simple strength movements and gymnastics drills. I am not so explosive to do Olympic lifting at this hour. 

6:30am: Morning session done

6:35am: Drink my Infinit Rescue and make breakfast.  Usually two eggs and egg whites, spinach or other green veggies, toast or oatmeal or a Gluten Free pancake

6:45am: clients arriving for 7am class

7:00am: First class

Classes run until 10am and I'll usually see one or two private clients in the day too.

10:30am: Workout #2 - Twice a week I do Olympic lifting for about 1.5 hrs

12:30pm: Lunch; Some form of protein and lots of veggies.  After lunch I walk the dogs for an hour while listening to a podcast (usually Barbell Shrugged or Art of Charm)

2:00pm: I typically need a nap, I set my alarm for 24min and will always wake up or be cognisant at 21-22min… 

3:00pm: Emails and business stuff.

3:45pm: Clients arrive for afternoon classes.

7:00pm: Done work - woohoo!

7:30pm: Crash on coach with dinner. Same as lunch basically. Chat to my roomie about the day and have some laughs.  

8:30pm: Prep for next day.  Grind coffee, write programming on the board, tidy kitchen and house. 

9:00pm: In bed and lights out!