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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mack's Effort to Fuel Your Max Efforts

Looking for a protein bar that is jam packed with healthy goodness and 25g of the highest grade protein available? A protein bar that sells out in under 2 hours because it is hand-crafted, gluten free and delicious? Then look no further - we have what you're looking for. 

Mack's Effort began at a local gym in Windsor, ON, CrossFit All Levels. Grace Mack, owner and founder of Mack's Effort bars wanted to create an exclusive protein bar for her husbands gym as they weren't happy with the generic bars on the market. Grace experimented with recipes until the Mack's Effort Original bar was created - a delicious blend of nuts, seeds, cocoa nibs, banana, coconut oil, coconut, spices and Infinit Nutrition Raw Whey Isolate. Mack's bars are jam packed with 25g of protein per bar, are hand crafted, gluten free, and compliant with the Zone diet.

After the first trial week at the gym, Grace quickly found out that the gym members couldn't get enough of these high protein bars. Since she chooses to use only high quality ingredients, the cost of making the bars became far too high to give them away so she decided to begin taking orders and selling the bars to the CrossFit All Levels members. From there, she set up a booth at the Walkerville Night Market here in Windsor and sold out within 2 hours! Customers from the night market then began ordering regularly and a business was born. Mack's Effort currently offers 4 types of bars - Original, Chocolate Original, Mack's Brownies, and Chocolate Orange. 

Grace now sells her bars across Ontario, with hand delivered orders within Windsor in under 2 days. Due to the coconut oil in the bars causing consistency issues if too warm, the bars are not yet available to provinces outside of Canada, however we don't see that being an issue in the future considering the growth of this company!

When we asked Grace what makes her bars better than the other bars on the market, she stated "I genuinely believe that Mack's Effort bars are the best tasting, high protein bar there is! I have tried a lot of different brands but most protein bars are factory made and include "filler" ingredients and much of which you can't pronounce. They also generally offer around 12g protein per bar but Mack's Effort bars provide 25g of protein and are made with real, top quality ingredients and no fillers! They are hand crafted and gluten free." 

Her goal for the company? "My ultimate goal is for Mack's Effort to be the "go to" protein bar for athletes across Canada. I have 2 very young children right now so in 5 years time I will be at a point in my life where I can focus much more time on achieving this goal."

If you are in the Windsor area you can stop by CrossFit All Levels to pick up a bar. For bulk orders or out of town customers, head over to to shop a variety of bars sure to please. Orders can also be placed by calling Grace at 519-567-0898.