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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Sign of Things to Come!!!

In the spring to 2015 we made the decision that it was time to move. Our goal was to find a location that was easy to get to for customers, a space where we could build our new manufacturing facility, we could create a storefront, and hopefully have some like minded neighbours.  Soon it will be one year since we have made our move and we can certainly put checks in all of the boxes.

We had looked at several properties and for the budget we had in mind we were not identifying anything workable.  We kicked the tires really hard on a property on Tecumseh Rd. A friend had bought the building and was converting the space for his chiropractic practice, Rogers was staying put, and there was 3000 square feet upstairs - rent was reasonable and there was lots of parking. We felt like we could make it work with the exception of safely getting materials up to the second floor.  Through the process, Mark, an engineer friend, was working with me to check out a few of the buildings.  He called me in the summer and told me about these units on McDougall and thought we could combine a few units to hit 3000 sq ft. we were looking for.  I called the landlord, Steve and immediately went and looked at it.  When I searched the address I was tickled to find that across the field was CrossFit The Workhorse Lifestyle, the CrossFit Gym I work out at and now friend Bobby Tran runs - perfect!

A few months in I talked with the landlord Steve and ask what's up with the other units - there were 4 X 1500 beside us, all empty.  When I found out they were available - I thought of Bobby instantly.  There are some limitations with his current space. Though they never compromised the work done in there, parking, showers and just the nature of the space made 1540 McDougall worth looking at.  Well it turns out, it was worth moving!  Bobby and his team start the move in October and our hope for a like-minded neighbour is getting even closer. All I can say is we are trilled that we have had a part in the creation of the newly named McDougall Healthplex.

If you are in the area drop by our storefront to pick up some fuel, have a coffee with us and also be sure to see what's up next door. Bobby runs an incredible facility and has created a great tribe. 

We are excited to welcome the Workhorse Nation to the neighbourhood.

IRONMAN KONA: If you are in town on Saturday, October 8th between 12pm and 9pm+ we will be hosting a Kona Open House to cheer on Lionel Sanders at the Ironman World Championships. See our new facility, grab some food and drinks, and more to come - Stay tuned for more details!