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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Corey Bellemore is Fuelling on Infinit!

We are excited to welcome this next athlete to the Infinit Team. Corey Bellemore is a Windsor Native that competes in middle-distance running events and cross country. He is currently in his final year of eligibility at the University of Windsor, where he competes on both the Track and Field and Cross Country teams. Internationally, Corey has earned his spot on 4 National teams (once for XC and 3 times for Track and Field).

At the end of his outdoor season this year, Corey took a shot at the infamous Beer Mile - run 4 laps on a 400m track, only stopping to chug a beer at the end of each lap (See Corey's Beer Mile here). He knocked 8 seconds off the then-World Record, which led him to be scouted out to compete in the Beer Mile World Championships. They flew him to England to race in the World Champs not even one week after his first crack at the race, and he ended up erasing 5 more seconds off his personal best time. Beating a World Record by 13 seconds in a matter of days? That's simply amazing.

We recently chatted with Corey to learn a little more about him, his athletic career, and his goals for the future...

INF: What is your favourite moment as an athlete?

COREY: My favourite moment as an athlete was making my first national team in 2011 for cross country. It was an eye opening experience to compete against international competition as a junior and motivated me to continue progressing. Another favourite moment of mine was special in a different way; winning a men’s national championship in 2015 and 2016 with all of my Lancer teammates.

INF: What are your goals as an athlete? Do you see yourself competing in the next Olympic Games?

COREY: My goals as an athlete are simple… to keep enjoying the process, continue working hard to progress and to qualify for as many national teams as I can. The Olympic games are definitely a major goal of mine but there are many other goals I have leading up to that point.

INF: It must feel pretty cool holding the World Record in the Beer Mile and shaving off 13 seconds from the original best time. What inspired you to race the Beer Mile the first time? Did you think when running it that it would ever evolve to what it has become? You travelling the world to compete…

COREY: Being the beer mile world record holder is definitely a cool title to hold. I couldn’t believe how much attention it received and it was unreal to get a free trip to England just to compete in one there. Over the past 2 years the beer mile has gained so much media attention and I think it will continue to grow in the coming years. The average person can relate to it in many ways because most people have run a mile and separately, they know how hard it is to chug a beer and hold it down.

INF: Since making the switch to Infinit, what changes have you noticed in your racing and training?

COREY: Since making the switch to Infinit I have been feeling amazing before, during and after workouts. Before I made the switch I wasn’t focusing enough on the recovery process and getting the nutrients my body needed after certain workouts. Being able to have a specific custom workout blend enables me to drink something during workouts that will keep me feeling ready to go. The repair and raw protein has also been a major key after workouts or lifts to help my body feel good the next day. My mom even made some protein energy balls with the raw protein that I can snack on whenever.

INF: What are your plans for the next few months? (Races, meets, etc.)

COREY: This fall I will be focusing on having a good cross country season and hopefully leading the Lancers to a top finish at nationals. We have a few big meets in the states before our championship season begins in late October. During the indoor season (December-March) I will be focusing on improving upon my 1500m time and will rely upon my strength built from the fall XC season. It is going to be a fun but busy next few months and I am more than happy to have Infinit fuelling me in process.

Fun Facts:

Favourite pre-workout meal?
Soup & Sandwich
Corey and Melissa post workout at the University of Windsor.

Favourtie Athlete?
Melissa Bishop

Favourite genre of music?

Favourite Genre of movies? Favourite movie ever?
Action & Comedy Movies - Lion King

What is your spirit animal?
A lion

Favourite thing to do to unwind after a meet or long training day?
Watch some sports, hang with my dog or enjoy a bag of popcorn on the couch

Hobbies outside of running?
I am a big basketball and football fan.

Dream job?
Police Officer

Favourite place you’ve travelled to?

Where do you want to travel to but haven’t had a chance to yet?

Any other interesting facts we should know?!
I’m a twin

Welcome to the team Corey! We are happy to be Fuelling Your Potential!