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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tahoe 200 & Welcome to the Team Jay Kinsella!

To begin, we would like to welcome Jay Kinsella as an Infinit Signed athlete! Jay is a stellar athlete who competes in Ultramarathons. We first met Jay after being introduced by Daniel Crumback of Paragon Performance in May.  We completed a Nutritional Consult together and came up with his go-to fuel: Jason's Ultra Blend - May 11/16".  We are always thrilled to work with athletes that are pushing their personal limits; Jay has had an incredible season:

Blackfoot Ultra 100 km May - 1st Overall
Sinister 7 100 miles July - 5th Overall
Ironlegs 50 mile August - 1st Overall
Tahoe 200 200 miles Sept - 1st Overall (Course record - 59 hrs 3 min)

His recent race in Tahoe was one for the books.

Jay's Tahoe 200 Race Report
Jessica's Tahoe 200 Race Report - Jay's wife recounts the crazy 59 hours!

Welcome to the team, Jay!