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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Infinit Story: Darcy Haggith - CEO Infinit Nutrition Canada

My Infinit Story started in 2004.  That summer, I completed my 4th Ironman in a row at Lake Placid.  Despite having a PB by 30 minutes faster than the previous year, I still felt my nutrition was holding me back.  Already deploying an 'all-liquid' diet during the race, I thought I would try this new product called Infinit Nutrition.  The claim that they would create a drink made specifically for me, that would
match my sweat rate, my sodium:sweat concentration, my body composition, my flavour preferences and my race goals seemed a bit fair fetched.  However, I was in need and I was hearing great things from folks on Slowtwitch so I gave it a go.  I created an account and worked through process of creating my very own blend.  Shortly after I was in possession of 25 servings of my new blend, what a difference it made.

During my training for my 2005 Ironman, also at Lake Placid - I completed 7 century rides.  With Infinit on board my 4th and 5th hours of 100 milers, my rides were drastically different then before.  Wouldn't say I was dancing on the pedals, but I certainly had more energy than ever before and equally important was my ability to recover.  The soreness and fatigue I experienced the following day was gone.  My race that season went exactly as planned, my goal (as posted throughout the house) was 10:45, my finish time was 10:45:00.  I was a believer!  Next season was similar, going back to Lake Placid.  Two weeks out from the race and my nutrition still hadn't arrived from the states - getting a bit panicked, I called the Team in the US, they figured it got caught at the border.  Go figure a white powder getting stuck at the border.  They comforted me, they let me know that they would be at Placid for the expo and they would have the product waiting for me.  It was that interaction that changed my world, or at least lead to my change.

During the interaction with Michael Folan the founder of Infinit, I learned that there was an opportunity to acquire the rights to Infinit in Canada.  Coming from a background in Quality and Operations in the pharmaceutical industry, I felt very well positioned to bring this brand to Canada.  I thought how great would that be, I could make my livelihood in the world of sport, would be awesome.  We opened our doors in November of 2006, nearly 10 years ago.  The first 7 years the business was built while I worked full time as a director in at a pharmaceutical company.  In April of 2013, on a mini-vacation when you have time to reflect (get off the hamster wheel), my wife Brenda and I discussed what life would be like to go all in with Infinit.  We liked everything about it.  We would have to live a more modest life, but we were both game - we had everything we wanted/needed, with the exception of more time.  This decision would give us more time together as a family, more time to do the things we loved.  When we got back from the vacation, I discussed my plan with the president and offered 3 months to transition.  July 2013 came and now I was a full time member of the Infinit Team.

Great to have support from Brenda!!!

Being available in a full time capacity we have been really been able to strengthen and create some really great partnerships.  Our list of Team Infinit athletes headlined by local Olympians: Noelle Montcalm & Melissa Bishop, Ironman Champion Lionel Sanders, Olympic double medalist Ryan Cochrane, Calgary Flames Defensemen Dougie Hamilton, and the Windsor Spitfires is incredible.   Formal partnerships in place with the Canadian Sport Institute to fuel hundreds of our Canadian national athletes and a partner to Dr Stuart Phillips from McMaster University has allowed us to not only be on the cutting edge of sport, but take that new found knowledge and apply it to the medical community.  We have recently began work with a local hospital to show how our blends, that are used to keep the top athletes in Canada at their best can also help their patients meet their basic protein needs, allowing them to heal faster and preserve key lean muscle mass.   As a kid that wanted to be a doctor in high school and university, it is incredible that I find myself in a place where I can make more of an impact than ever could have as a physician in the health sector.   Cool how life works.

I really credit those around me, that both encouraged and supported my entrepreneurial spirit.  They allowed me and in many ways helped me strike that match to Burn My Boat.  The best path is not always the easiest path - I am grateful for the one that I am on.  This is MyInfinitStory!  We would love to hear yours and thanks for being part of ours!  

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada