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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Low-Down on Ultra-Running

Ever had an interest in trying out an Ultra-Marathon? Or ever wondered how these athletes do it? Team Infinit Jay Kinsella is one of the best at his sport, and he's joined us on the blog today to give you the low-down to Ultra-Running. The formula is simple.. you have to be a little crazy!

"How do you prepare for a 200 miler? The first thing you have to do is be crazy enough to sign up for one. Then, you have to remind yourself at every single training run, every event that you plan, that this is your main focus. Not to take away from other fun races that you might be doing, but essentially, these are training runs in comparison to this beast of a race that you’ve entered. I read articles on how to train for a 200 miler, and it did not speak to me, so I had to make my own plan. I had looked into respiratory training in late 2015, and that opened up new doors as I saw limitations that I could improve upon. I was first introduced to Infinit Nutrition by Daniel Crumback of Strategic Sport Performance, who urged me to try out their products. Before that, I had tried fuels such as gels, bars, electrolyte tabs and other liquid fuels. Although these have their positive attributes, I found none to be exactly suitable to my needs as I have some digestive challenges to contend with that make it even more interesting when it comes to ultra distances. In May 2016 after a few months of training, I decided to give Infinit a go to see if it would be suitable for my diet, training and be sufficient fuel for what I was about to endure. I was impressed and pleased with the results, and I knew this would be a good nutritional fit for Tahoe 200. As far as training, nutrition should be one of your highest priorities. If I was to say the top 3 things I would tell someone, it would be 1) Nutrition 2) Sleep and knowing your body’s needs; and 3) Quality over Quantity. Due to my busy work schedule I was only managing an average of 100km of running per week.  But, in those training runs, I chose the toughest, most challenging terrain I could find within reach. It is one thing to be able to manage the distance and think you can; but you need to be in tune with your body’s needs and not over-train.

People talk about heat training and properly packing and knowing what climate and terrain you’ll face. Prepare for the worst case scenario.  Let me pass on some advice that has helped me get through some of the toughest moments that I’ve endured and give you my two cents. Rather, two words. Be FLEXIBLE. Here’s my race plan: “Show up. Run. Hope for the best”. Ok, before you stop reading, hear me out. I aim to enjoy the experience and do the best I can, while running only my race and no one else’s. I don’t do heat training, although I go out in all weather. I bring the gear I can, and try to bring relevant items, but what I bring is what I have. Overall, you don’t know what is going to happen on race day, or in fact, in Tahoe’s case….3 days after race day. In all honesty, I don’t record splits or projected times. This works for some, and if it does, I’m not going to say it’s a bad plan. But, you can only predict and try to control your race so far. You can’t control the weather, Mother Nature, and often, you can’t control your body, no matter how hard you will try. Your legs may turn to concrete, or your stomach to soup. Sometimes things will go well, and other times, it goes to hell.  The best you can do, is be as prepared as you can, but also be as flexible as you can. I’ve always found not having an exact projected time makes it easier on me mentally. If I don’t achieve my “A” goal, it doesn’t crush me. Instead, I will say this. Enjoy the experience and the moments you take in during a race like this. Focus on the positives and when you get into that low, think about how amazing it is that you are here, doing what so many can’t. Never feel bad if you are the last to finish, or if you do happen to DNF. I have found my DNFs to be bigger learning opportunities than my highest wins.

Jay's new tattoo inspired by the Tahoe 200

It’s great to have support behind you. Having crew there to pick you up when you are down; to anticipate what kind of shape you might be in, or what supplies you might need is wonderful. To have support of great companies such as Infinit to help fuel you and keep you strong through a race like this is also key. I’ve chosen a few key companies and their products to rely on to allow me to start (and hopefully finish) a race. I was lucky that I had great products and incredible support from so many to help me win the 2016 Tahoe 200 miler. I hope that you will also find what works for you!"

Monday, November 14, 2016

24 Hour Mountain Bike Racing - An Insider Look

It's a sport that isn't for everyone, but for the select few they wouldn't have it any different. Team Infinit athlete Julie Kelly has been competing in 24 Hour Mountain Bike racing for years - since 2012 to be exact, however she has been competing on a mountain bike since 2009. Prior to 24 hour racing she was competing in stage races, 6-8 hour events and on a couple 24 hour teams. After seeing the solo riders at the 24 hour races, she was inspired to give it a shot and has been hooked ever since.

Now you may ask, what keeps you motivated to race for 24 hours straight? For Julie, it's the challenge and opportunity to push beyond her limits. She mentions on her blog, Rolling in the Dirt, that endurance racing is her passion. "Each race brings a new adventure and an opportunity to learn new things. I enjoy travelling to new places and taking it all in with good friends."

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows while on the bike. "You experience so much during a 24 hr. time frame. Physically your body tells you it wants to shut down but mentally you find the strength to carry on. Generally this happens between 2:00-5:00am.. “the dark hours”."

Julie recounts some of her "fondest" memories while racing. They're good for a laugh! ;)

24 Hours Round the Clock 2015
There is always one lap where you wonder what you are doing and if you are going to be able to continue. For me it was the lap just before the sun came up. It was a team effort to lube the chain, one rotating the crank and one applying lube. In my blurry state I had to ask if the lube was actually coming out ;-)?

24 Hours Round the Clock 2014
I was feeling stronger into the morning and my lap times were getting faster but my butt was really sore. Shaun offered up his bibs for a little extra padding. No thanks,  I was not that desperate! I would just spend the remainder of the race riding mostly out of the saddle. 

Now the biggest question we always here from people trying to understand 24 hour racing is how do the athletes stay energized and fuelled while on the bike? Surely they have to eat something.... right? Wrong. For Julie, her 3 main keys to staying energized are keeping on top of her nutrition, listening to music, and keeping a strong mental focus. For supplements, Julie relies solely on her Infinit Nutrition - no solid food, gels or bars for this girl. She has 2 formulations she uses - one has caffeine the keep her going through those 'dark hours'. Her other trick? Infinit JetFuel about every 6 hours during a 24hr race. "These products have been very reliable and give me what I need to succeed."

Want to fuel like Julie? You don't have to be involved in 24 hour racing, we have something for everyone. Get in touch with us - we will fuel your potential! 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Another 24 Fuelled by Infinit!

Julie Kelly's final race report of the 2016 season! Check out her blog Rolling in the Dirt!

It's the end of the race season for 24 hour mountain biker and Team Infinit athlete Julie Kelly, but she left the 2016 season with a bang - First place in Solo Women at Rocky Hill in Texas!

"The last race of the season in the Texas heat and humidity was a sufferfest!

Steve, Andrew & I headed to Austin, Texas to finish off the season with one more 24 hour. Very grateful to be hosted by Tony Linthicum, another Forward Momentum athlete, who was also racing.  It was nice to catch up with him and his wife Patty not to mention their cute dog.

Headed to the course on Friday for pit set up, package pick up and to get a lap in. The course was similar to when I had raced before. However, the trail conditions were a lot different after the heavy rainfall they received over the last few years. A lot of erosion and loose rock would make for a slower and more challenging course.

Race day was hot and the humidity was forecasted 95-100% ouch! Arrived at the course and finished setting up our pit and getting things organized. Tony, Steve, Andrew & I were all racing solo. After the racer meeting headed to the start line for the Le Mans run. It was a short one so that was a bonus! Lined up near the front of the pack, wanted to get in a good position for the first single track section.

The gun went off and things were moving. Jumped on the bike and in short order was entertained by watching Andrew and Steve make their way to the front of the pack. I got into a pretty good position and had a smooth first lap. Lap #2 was already feeling the heat and humidity and my back was feeling off. I slowed the pace to try to combat the heat and figure out how I could adjust my riding style to ease the back pain.

Eventually the back pain dissipated after a few more laps but the heat and humidity was a constant battle. Stops at the pit after each lap to get in additional fluids and put ice in jersey. I was confident in my Infinit Nutrition but knew with the heat was going to have to really stay on top of it and potentially take on more to combat increased sweat rate.

It was time to mount lights and things were starting to cool down a touch. Felt like I was starting to come around and get into a bit of a groove. Saw Andrew on that lap and he said was feeling it too but improving.

A few good laps then felt like I was having a relapse and could not cool down. Next thing I knew bounced off a log and was on the ground with my light hanging off my helmet, LOL! Just as I was getting myself together Steve came along. He was in the hurt locker as well! I figured I better take a breather after that lap. Stopped to get some more Infinit and water in. Patty checked the results and said I was in the lead with 1 or 2 laps up. I figured I could spare a bit of time to collect myself.

My last night lap was a bit of a gong show. Felt like I was out there for ever! Struggling with the punchy climbs and feeling a bit nauseous. Back to the pits for another break. I was told was 2 or 3 laps up and there was no possibility of 2nd catching me. There was still lots of time to go back out so figured would see how I felt. In the meantime Andrew came in. We told him he was 5 laps up but he was all fired up and said "F!@# this I am going to make them pay". What an animal! When he came back in I was feeling better and he inspired me to go back out. Had a good last lap and was happy I went back out.

It was not my best performance but sometimes you have to adjust your race strategy based on the conditions. I was happy managed to push on with all the challenges and take the win for Solo Women. The entire field suffered from the heat with the lap numbers down from previous years. However, the Canadians managed to pull it off with Steve and Andrew also winning their categories. Tony represented grabbing 3rd in his category.

Open Men - Andrew takes the win!

Open women

Sport 40+ - Steve and Tony
Had some fun after the race meeting up with some friends and enjoying the Texas food and some beverages.

Thanks to Terra Firma for putting on a great race and to all the volunteers. It was sure nice to have equal pay outs for men and women! Also thanks to Coach Shaun, Infinit Nutrition Canada and Specialized Canada for giving me the tools I needed.

I look forward to a great season next year with all the challenges and adventures it brings."

Thursday, November 3, 2016

CF24 - 24 hours of CrossFit Fuelled on Infinit

Many CrossFit boxes across Canada recently participated in CF24 - a fundraiser where participants complete 24 workouts over 24 hours. Our good friends at CrossFit WHL completed the event and one important factor that kept them energized throughout was Infinit X-Cite! 

Owner and head coach Bobby Tran relied on the product throughout the wee hours of the morning to keep him strong throughout his workouts.

"Last Saturday we ran an event at our box called CF24.  This is an annual fundraiser that raises money for the Special Olympics Foundation Canada.  It requires that participants complete one workout every hour on the hour for 24 hours.  So from noon Saturday until noon Sunday, I tackled workouts with my fellow coaches and athletes in our home box at CrossFit WHL.

Each workout was no longer than 10 minutes.  Each task combined elements of weightlifting, gymnastics and traditional endurance modalities.  Some challenged your strength, some challenged your endurance, and some of them just challenged your willpower. This string of events was a unique task for multiple reasons.  Staying awake for 24 hours and exercising while under that kind of a fatigued state is something that can only be understood once experienced.  What seems like an easy workout on paper was proven to be a daunting task under the accumulating circumstances. 

Because workouts started at the top of every hour, it was tough to get a big meal in between.  You didn't want to have a full stomach for any of the challenges, but you also wanted to keep your body fuelled.  This is where Infinit's X-Cite really benefited me.  After each workout, I would sip on some
X-Cite.  Not only did it keep me hydrated, but it kept me full of energy for the next workout.  I honestly went a good 15 hours with no signs of fatigue or drop in energy levels.  I even hit a personal record on the push press after already doing several workouts!  I didn't feel bogged down, and there was no crash. Just steady energy throughout the entire event.  Thank you Infinit for sponsoring us and helping us to make it through the day!"

Our products are ideal for events of this nature - just ask Julie Kelly, a 24 hour mountain biker who solely fuels on Infinit for her races. Our blends are packed with electrolytes and carbs, with some even containing BCAA's and protein to keep you energized, hydrated and properly fuelled in order to perform to your full potential. Ready to get started on Infinit? Shop all of our blends here