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Thursday, November 3, 2016

CF24 - 24 hours of CrossFit Fuelled on Infinit

Many CrossFit boxes across Canada recently participated in CF24 - a fundraiser where participants complete 24 workouts over 24 hours. Our good friends at CrossFit WHL completed the event and one important factor that kept them energized throughout was Infinit X-Cite! 

Owner and head coach Bobby Tran relied on the product throughout the wee hours of the morning to keep him strong throughout his workouts.

"Last Saturday we ran an event at our box called CF24.  This is an annual fundraiser that raises money for the Special Olympics Foundation Canada.  It requires that participants complete one workout every hour on the hour for 24 hours.  So from noon Saturday until noon Sunday, I tackled workouts with my fellow coaches and athletes in our home box at CrossFit WHL.

Each workout was no longer than 10 minutes.  Each task combined elements of weightlifting, gymnastics and traditional endurance modalities.  Some challenged your strength, some challenged your endurance, and some of them just challenged your willpower. This string of events was a unique task for multiple reasons.  Staying awake for 24 hours and exercising while under that kind of a fatigued state is something that can only be understood once experienced.  What seems like an easy workout on paper was proven to be a daunting task under the accumulating circumstances. 

Because workouts started at the top of every hour, it was tough to get a big meal in between.  You didn't want to have a full stomach for any of the challenges, but you also wanted to keep your body fuelled.  This is where Infinit's X-Cite really benefited me.  After each workout, I would sip on some
X-Cite.  Not only did it keep me hydrated, but it kept me full of energy for the next workout.  I honestly went a good 15 hours with no signs of fatigue or drop in energy levels.  I even hit a personal record on the push press after already doing several workouts!  I didn't feel bogged down, and there was no crash. Just steady energy throughout the entire event.  Thank you Infinit for sponsoring us and helping us to make it through the day!"

Our products are ideal for events of this nature - just ask Julie Kelly, a 24 hour mountain biker who solely fuels on Infinit for her races. Our blends are packed with electrolytes and carbs, with some even containing BCAA's and protein to keep you energized, hydrated and properly fuelled in order to perform to your full potential. Ready to get started on Infinit? Shop all of our blends here