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Friday, December 16, 2016

Breaking Records With Infinit - A Year in Review!

Team Infinit has had a pretty spectacular year - with a number of records being set and personal bests being achieved. A common factor? Hard work and Infinit in their bottle. Here are a few success stories of some of our athletes:

Lionel Sanders - Lionel has another fantastic year of Ironman Racing! He kicked off his 2015/16 season with 6 straight wins; including Ironman Arizona 2015 and Texas 70.3 2016, which earned him a spot in the Ironman World Championships and the 70.3 World Championships this fall.

It was at the Texas 70.3 in 2015 that Lionel had his traumatizing experience that led him to us. Since then, we have nailed down Lionel's nutrition plan for training and race day and he has since gone on to set a World Record in Ironman Racing - 7:44:29 at the 2016 Ironman Arizona in November. Read more about why Lionel made the switch to Infinit and how it has helped his training and race performance.

Bobby Tran - Since fuelling on Infinit, Bobby has seen his performance skyrocket. Just this year he has hit a number of personal bests, and so have the other athletes at CrossFit WHL. Some of the most notable ones for Bobby - 380 lbs bench, 600 lbs deadlift, 470 lbs back squat, 365 front squat, 265 lbs push press, 215 lbs strict press, 315 lbs split jerk and a 290 lbs clean and jerk. These numbers are impressive, especially when you compare to his max efforts before fuelling on Infinit. He upped his bench by 80 lbs, back squat by 95 lbs and push press by 60 lbs - awesome!

Jay Kinsella - What a year it has been for Jay. For those of you who don't know, Jay is an ultra-runner and his most recent race was at the Tahoe 200. That's 205.5 miles of running. You can read Jay's full race report from the event here, but we will give you the low-down. Jay went into the race with no game plan - you really can't predict what will happen throughout a race that takes over 2 days to complete, so Jay just prepares to run, and run he does. At each aid station, Jay would fuel with Infinit, as well as coffee, coke, lentil soup, apples, ginger bars and some sushi (provided by his lovely wife). As the finish line neared, Jay was in the lead and was ahead of the then current course record by two hours, which was 60 hours, 50 minutes. He crossed the line with Canadian Flag in hand in a time of 59 hours, 3 minutes. What an unreal feat. Read more about ultra-running and Jay's journey here.

Liam O'Beirne - This is one of our favourite stories. Liam competes in CrossFit and has made exponential gains since fuelling with Infinit. Two years ago, he competed in the 14-15 division in the CrossFit Open and finished 2nd overall in Canada West. Fast forward one year and Liam was now competing in the 16-17 age group but was one of the youngest in this division, having just turned 16 a few months prior. He finished 7th overall in Canada West after a hard fought Open. His main struggle was in the deadlift component of the competition - the boys had to DL 185 lbs 55 times. At this time, Liam's deadlift max was only 205 lbs. Liam struggled through the workout - but did finish it.

It was during the 2016 Open that they were introduced to Infinit Nutrition by CrossFit North Vancouver. They were told that Infinit was better than any Strength fuel on the market, so they got in touch with us and Liam began fuelling with Rescue post workout. He noticed immediately that his recovery time was much faster and he was able to perform better. However, he still wasn't getting in enough calories throughout the day or putting on more weight. That's when he also began supplementing with Gainz - a sleep drink packed with carbs and protein intended to help you rebuild muscle and put on weight while you sleep. His performance skyrocketed. He went from a DL max of 205 to a new max of 290 in under 7 months. His clean and jerk max is now 190 lbs. He feels great, is recovering faster, has increased muscular endurance, and has improved in every component of his CrossFit training. We're excited to follow his journey through the Open this year and hopefully to the Games!

Corey Bellemore - Corey had an exciting 2016 season that saw him break lots of records and personal bests - some that were very unexpected to say the least. We began working with Corey shortly after he went "viral" for his Beer Mile World Record run this past summer. On just a typical afternoon, him and some friends set out to a local high school's track with intent for Corey to try out the infamous Beer Mile - run 1 mile, but before each lap you must chug 1 beer. Turns out, Corey was pretty good - he broke the former World Record by 8 seconds. His video went viral around the internet and soon he found himself on a plane to England to race the Beer Mile World Classic, where he shaved another 5 seconds off the record he set just days before. Pretty impressive.

What's more impressive is what Corey has done since that day. We partnered with him with intent to fuel his potential on the cross country course and middle-distance track. Corey just concluded his XC season, which saw him earn the OUA Men's Cross Country title - his first as a University athlete. He helped lead his team to a 2nd place finish at the Regional tournament, and earned a birth to the Sports Championships 2 weeks later. At Nationals, Corey earned first-team honours, All-Canadian honours, and a 7th place finish. Next up for Bellemore? Another Beer Mile on the 17th of December, then some rest time over the Holidays before the University indoor Track and Field season kicks off in the New Year. Follow more of Corey's journey here.

We had 8 athletes qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games this year - wow! Read more about their journey to the big show...

Melissa Bishop - Melissa capped off a stellar 2015/16 season with her second trip to the Olympic Games. Last summer, Melissa competed in the World Championships and Pan American Games and took home a silver and gold, respectively. Melissa also broke several personal records, and 2 national records (indoor and outdoor) this past season.

At the Olympic Games, Melissa dominated her heats, easily moving on to the finals. Despite her best efforts, Melissa fell just shy of the podium, finishing a strong 4th. Read more about Melissa's Infinit Journey here.

Ryan Cochrane - Ryan had a notable final season as a competitive swimmer after qualifying for his third Olympic Games - Ryan had previously swam in the 2008 Beijing games (Bronze in 1500m free) and the 2012 London games (Silver in 1500m free). Though he found disappointment at the 2016 Rio games, missing the final for the 400m and finishing 6th in the 1500m, Ryan still secured 2 Gold and a Bronze at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto to conclude his career medal count - a lengthy list! Read more about Ryan's Infinit Journey here.

Noelle Montcalm - It was a great, yet suspenseful year for hurdler Noelle Montcalm. In order to qualify for the Olympic Games, Noelle not only had to podium finish in her 400mH race at the Canadian Track and Field Championships, one month before the kick off for the Games, but she also had to hit the Olympic Standard of 56.20. Without the OS, it wouldn't matter whether Noelle was first, second or third - she wouldn't be travelling to Rio. However it all came together in the event finals - Noelle raced her best race of the season, clocking in at 55.83, good enough for a first place finish. The Windsor-Essex Native was Rio bound!

At the games, Noelle competed individually in the 400mH and also was a part of the 4X400 team team that earned a 4th place finish. To read more on Noelle's story, click here.

Cindy Ouellet - Cindy is a badass. Cindy is a 3X Para-lympian who competes for the Canadian National Wheelchair Basketball team. She made her Olympic debut in 2008, and has also competed on the 2012 Para-lympic basketball team. This year, she was apart of the team which finished 5th at the Games. Cindy has most recently been named the 2016 Wheelchair Basketball Canada Female Athlete of the Year.

Along with basketball, Cindy also dominates in the CrossFit scene. Find out more about Cindy's Olympic journey and CrossFit success by clicking here.

Kate O'Brien - Kate made her Olympic debut in 2016 as a Track Cyclist, after narrowly missing her shot at the 2014 Games in Sochi as a bobsleigh brakeman - that's right, Kate has only been competing in Cycling for a couple years! Kate kicked off her Olympic year with a pair of medals at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto. She also earned a 6th place finish in the sprint at the UCI World Championships. At the games, she competed in all three track events and made an impressive performance at her first Olympics. Read more about Kate here.

Ben Saxton & Chaim Schalk - This duo also made their first Olympic apperance in 2016, competing  in Men's Beach Volleyball. Leading up to the Games, the pair competed in a number of Major Series events, including the Porec Major, where they finished 3rd overall. At the Games, the pair had impressive performances which landed them a spot in the 'Sweet 16' before they fell to their opponents, to conclude their Olympic run. Read more on Team Saxton Schalk here.

Antoine Valois-Fortier - Coming off two bronze medal finishes in 2015 at the World Championships and Pan American Championships, Antoine made his second Olympic appearance in 2016 (2012 games Bronze medallist in Judo). At the Rio Games, Antoine won his first two bouts before falling to the eventual gold medallist. In his repechage match, Antoine had a hard fought battle but succumbed to the future bronze medallist. More on Antoine's journey here.