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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Guys Behind the Mic - The Full Depth Podcast

To say that Tyler Ray and Michael Patella have a passion for health and fitness is a dramatic understatement.  This is their life and is something that was determined for both of these young professionals during their years at the University of Windsor.  With a similar love of education and paying forward the gift of health, these two worked their way up the ladder in the health and fitness industry with a combined 20+ years of experience.  Although their passions are very similar, their stories along the way differ in many ways.  To get a full understanding of how they ended up behind the microphones of The Full Depth Podcast, we need to take a short trip back in time.

With over 10-years in the fitness and education industry as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Tyler has set himself apart from many others in a few unique ways.  Sporting a double degree from the University of Windsor in Human Kinetics and Education he spent the initial stages of his career working in the big box gym setting finding his niche and determining what direction he wanted to take.  Tyler has always been a multi-sport athlete and competed for years in track and field, including National Championship teams with the University of Windsor as a pentathlete.  As that chapter closed, another opened within the world of professional show dunking under the persona of "Jukebox".  Possessing a 49-inch vertical jump and millions of views online, he began to travel much of the world doing shows, contests and talks.  As this continued to unfold, Tyler began to solidify himself in the strength and conditioning world as one of the world's top minds in vertical jump training.  Project Vertical Jump Training (online system) was born and his career began to take shape.  Tyler began a local training business Project Pure Athlete, aimed at some of Windsor, Ontario's top athletes.  He has also worked globally with many D1, semi-professional and professional athletes. Now, no longer dunking competitively, Tyler has began to dabble in Crossfit and weightlifting as a personal means of fitness and a competitive outlet.

Michael Patella is the founder and owner of Sweat Fitness & Performance and has built a brand around empowering clients from the Windsor-Essex Community to transform their lives.  Michael's rich background in athletics prompted him to pursue a University Degree in Human Kinetics, which quickly lead him in a clear path to a career in the fitness industry.  Fast forward 10 years and Michael runs a successful training facility that caters to athletes, busy professionals and busy moms and helps them achieve their health and fitness goals. Michael is also the author of The Women's Guide to Slim, Strong & Sexy. His expertise in working with all types of populations has given him the tools necessary to educate, motivate and build strong relationships with his clients for successful results.  Recently Michael was also nominated as a Top 3 Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year by The Windsor Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. 

With a shared belief that everyone has the potential to achieve personal growth both physically and mentally; Tyler and Michael decided to create The Full Depth Podcast as a means to spread this message.  A lot of people talk about creating something, but very few have the courage to take that first step.  Tyler and Michael decided that talking about creating a Podcast wasn’t nearly as exciting as actually creating one.  So The Full Depth Podcast was born.  With weekly topics airing on Fridays through many social media outlets and podcast applications, the podcast is continually growing and evolving to find its voice.  The Full Depth is a combination of entertainment, education solidified by their passion, wit and friendship, both professional and personal.   The Full Depth Podcast is for everyone; Whether you enjoy watching video or simply putting on audio in the background as you fold laundry, there is something for you. 

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