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Monday, February 13, 2017

3 Tips to Success in Ironman ft. The Fastest Ironman Ever

A triathlon may seem daunting to most people.  3 sports in 1?  Crazy!  And an Ironman, which can be double, triple or even quadruple the distance of some triathlons,  can seem nearly impossible!  But just like anything in life, if you want it bad enough and put in the work, anything is possible.  Here are some tips from the World's fastest Ironman athlete ever, Lionel Sanders, that you should find helpful if you are just getting into triathlon or have been doing triathlons for a long time.

Play to your weakness Most people have to juggle a 40 hour work week, getting dinner on the table and the kids to school and practices, so fitting in quality training can be difficult at times.  The key word is quality!  Your sessions do not have to be hours and hours long.  In fact, you may be doing more harm than good in that case.  Most triathletes have a weakness (for me it’s the swim) and that should be the discipline that has most priority, depending on what your goals are.  For example: my swim is my weakness, so I make sure that my first session every day is a swim.  That way, I do not have the fatigue of a run or a bike in my legs, allowing me to fully adopt a better technique in the water.  I did not do this in that past and my swim suffered more than it should have.  That being said, if your main goal is to improve your bike time, then of course focus on the bike portion.  For someone just starting out in the sport,  I think a realistic goal would be to aim for 2 swims, 2 bikes and 2 runs per week.  You will soon learn what your strengths and weaknesses are and can adjust your training accordingly.

The importance of a race plan Choose what race(s) you will do for the year and if you’re doing more than one, pick one to be your main focus.  Once you have done that, come up with a plan that will allow you to reach your goal or at least come close to it.  Remember, you can only do on race day what you’ve done in training.  The body won’t be able to magically do something it’s never done before.

Another very important aspect of your race plan, is your race nutrition plan.  Working with Infinit Nutrition Canada allows me to stick to my nutrition plan at every race and not have to worry that I am not getting what I need with on-course nutrition.

It’s all about balance Sometimes we can get wrapped up in the competitiveness of the sport, which is totally fine and pushes us to become even stronger, but it is important to have a little fun along the way.  I urge you to join a triathlon club and meet some people in your community who also have similar goals to yourself.  The triathlon community is a very supportive one and the journey is that much more special when you can share it with people you care about.  Goals are meant to be achieved and I encourage you to give it your all, but remember why you started doing this in the first place.  It was probably to live a healthy and active lifestyle, right?  But remember, life is all about balance and also maintaining other relationships as well.  Triathlon is only one aspect of your life and only one piece of who you are.

Ready to train? Set your goals, get out there and get at it!