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Monday, March 27, 2017

Welcoming Shane Kroeger to Team Infinit!

We are excited to announce that Shane Kroeger has joined Team Infinit! Shane is an outdoor adventure athlete specializing in mountain biking and backcountry skiing. He has now focused his efforts primarily in the sport of enduro mountain bike racing, but his competitive experience comes from a background of alpine skiing, BMX and whitewater kayaking. In his off season, he works as a Lead Guide/Guiding Manager at Mica Heli Skiing, as well as a guide for international backcountry ski trips to places like Japan and Norway. 

Photo courtesy of James Cattanach
"I originally got into the sport of mountain biking in Saskatchewan of all places.  I raced BMX when I was a kid, then transitioned into a mountain bike at around age 12.  We would ride up and down the Saskatchewan river valley trails and do all sorts or urban riding around Saskatoon.  Through ski racing, I spent a lot of time travelling in the mountains and this was where I first started mountain biking as well.  After many years of riding recreationally and the occasional cross country race, the BC Enduro series was formed, and I tried the new format out.  After the first race, I was hooked on and have been progressing to higher level races ever since.

Photo courtesy of James Cattanach
I also started Alpine skiing in Saskatchewan.  I grew up skiing on a hill called Blackstrap outside of Saskatoon, 300 vertical feet of shear ice!  I raced for the Saskatchewan Ski team which gave me the opportunity to travel around North America, and my first introductions to the mountains.   Once I graduated from school, I moved straight out to the mountains to further pursue skiing and start my progression to ski guiding.

Infinit has helped my performance with different blends for the different activities I do.  In the winter, the Jet Fuel keeps me hydrated during my long ski days.  My custom bike blend helps to keep me going during my high intensity training sessions after the ski day.   I don’t get many rest days during the winter, and it is always a challenge to get the early bike miles in during the ski season.  The repair blend helps me to recover after my bike training sessions, and allows me to be fresh for the next ski day."

We are thrilled to welcome Shane as a Team Infinit athlete and are excited to help fuel him to his potential for the 2017 racing season!

Photo courtesy of James Cattanach