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Monday, March 6, 2017

When a Sport Becomes a Passion...

We're in the business of helping people reach their fullest potential. It's what we love to do. We wanted to share a story from Mike Forbes who we've been working with for a couple of years now. We hope you enjoy! 

I was born in 1979, and am now married with 2 wonderful children, 11 and 13. I grew up riding bikes but never realized the passion I had for the sport until 2013. Not even sure what all it would entail, I signed up for my first ever race, an Olympic Tri. It was a local race but my competitive edge had already started to show and I was training 4 days a week. I ended up finishing second place in the Men's Solo division at this race. 

However, being not a big fan of swimming the decision was made to focus on my favorite of the three sports  - biking. Organ Grinder in Canmore Alberta would be the first XCM race of my life.

In 2014 the passion turned into addiction and the racing got seriously competitive. I joined the Alberta Bicycle Association in 2015 and competitively raced in XCO/XCM events throughout the year. 2015 was filled with top 5 finishes but no podiums, so it was back to the drawing board for 2016.

How do I build the power and endurance to compete at this level? I joined Onyerleft Racing in 2016, and it gave me the motivation I needed to push harder. I had a personal trainer and was on the right track, but was still missing something so I contacted Darcy from Infinit Nutrition to help with my nutritional needs while training this hard. Our first phone conversation ended with a sample order in which Darcy believed would take me to the next level. We started off with Jet fuel, Ride and Repair.
Instantly feeling improvements, but still wanting more edge, Darcy set me up with a Custom blended Ride formula and Repair. What a combo! 2016 would turn out to be my best season yet.

Notable accomplishments: 
  • XCO Lethbridge, AB. 2nd place (first ever podium in XCO racing)
  • Golden 24 hours 1st place (2 man team)
  • Mile high tri Elkwater Alberta 2nd place (team)
  • 24 hours of adrenaline 1st place (5 man team)
  • Battle creek showdown Elkwater Alberta 2nd place

In 2017 I am looking finish well in the XCO series of Alberta as well as competing in my first solo 24hour events, Golden 24.

Thank You Infinit Nutrition for helping me achieve my goals!