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Monday, May 1, 2017

Journey of a Lifetime - Infinit Nutrition Canada

In 2004, I had just finished my 3rd Ironman at Lake Placid, getting in under 11.5 hrs.  I was happy, but I knew that my nutrition wasn't allowing me to reach my full potential.  I was already deploying an all liquid diet for the race as I had learned at training camps and from other racers this was the easiest and best way to maximize caloric intake.  I still felt there was more I could do; I wasn't able to freely ingest my nutrition, literally, I was forcing it down.  

As with many triathletes, I was on Slowtwitch and often heard about Infinit Nutrition.  I thought it was a rather far fetched claim - they are going to customize a blend to match my body, my preferences, the sport and intensity that I will compete at.. I had to ask myself.. really? Seemed too good to be true. Boy was I wrong.  I trained hard again, like in previous years, in preparation for my 4th Ironman at Lake Placid - but something about this years training was different.  I simply got better calories in and way more; I would estimate I was getting 50% more calories in. I did 8 century rides in preparation for the July race and they were way different that before; no more limping home in the Windsor-Essex heat, I was strong on my pedals all the way home.  What was best was the quick recovery afterwards - I was actually ready to take on the rest of the day and I wasn't lost to my family because I was completely depleted.  Of course you feel like you just covered 100 miles, but it was in a good way.  2005 Ironman was epic for me - went 10:45 - shaved over 45 minutes of my time and finished 134th overall - this was a huge accomplishment for me.  So of course in 2006 I bought the rights to Infinit Nutrition Canada and a few years later this has become my career.

So what just happened? What has happened and does happen every day is we help athletes of every level become even better athletes.  It doesn't matter if you are a triathlete, rower, runner, volleyball player, rugby player, a cyclist, etc - when you give us 30 minutes we make you a better athlete.  We simply allow you to achieve your potential.  A few examples, not to boast, but to demonstrate the point:
  • Ryan Cochrane - started fuelling 2008 - most decorated Canadian swimmer, double Olympic medalist and numerous world championships.
  • Jay Kineslla - Accomplished Ultrarunner - started fuelling him in 2016 - dream season, including breaking a record at the Tahoe 200 Mile race.
  • Melissa Bishop - began working together after first Olympics - support her dream 2015 and 2016 seasons, and a return to the Olympic Games in Rio - Fastest 800m Canadian women ever!
  • Ben and Chaim - started to work together for the 2015 season - supportive of their top 10 ranking and trip to the Olympics in beach volleyball.
  • Canadian CrossFit athlete - started working together in 2014 after he failed to qualify for the CrossFit games - 2 years later finishes Top 5 at the Games.
  • Lionel Sanders - started working together after he finishes 4th at Ironman Texas - good result for many, but not close to his potential.  Now he is the fastest Ironman athlete ever.

From left: Lionel Sanders, Melissa Bishop, Darcy
All of these athletes were great before we started working with them but we helped them find their potential by providing them with a sound sport nutrition plan and quality fuel. We do this for all levels of athletes - from weekend warriors to age groupers, and everyone in between.  You receive the same treatment any one of these athletes received - we will spend 30 minutes with you on the phone or in person to understand you as an athlete, discuss what has worked, what hasn't nutritionally, talk about your sweat rate, hydration and then build a formulation for you that has all you need to perform.  I still find it amazing we have a business model that allows us to do this, those who have spent 30 minutes (or more) with me on the phone or in person, know I am a geek and absolutely love this stuff.  Its not rocket science, but when you get this right good things happen and you feel great doing it.

For many reading this, you know this and are happy loyal customers.  What we are hoping is for you to share the word - Infinit Nutrition Canada has more to give. If you know an athlete that is not fuelled to their potential - send them this blog post, we would love the opportunity to fuel them.  Of course as was the word from a recent customer - don't share if they are your fierce competitor.

We are grateful for your business.

Darcy - CEO Infinit Nutrition Canada