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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3 Tips to Get Started in Weightlifting

So you're interested in weightlifting but not sure where to start? Olympic Weightlifter and 2008 Olympian Francis Luna Grenier has stopped by the blog to share his tips to getting started in weightlifting. 

Francis: "Careful with technique - Technique is crucial in weightlifting. Poor technique will not only make you lift less than what your potential could allow you to, but there's a great chance you'll get injured over time. The longer you wait to change your motor pattern the harder it'll be to change it. Follow your coach's advice, he/she knows.

Work in different range of intensity - It's always satisfying to hit a PR but everyday cannot always be a PR day. When people get into Olympic weightlifting they improve drastically from week to week and they want to keep getting that satisfying feeling. People keep pushing trying to hit those 1 RM but sooner or later they hit a "plateau". Don't wait until you hit that wall. Vary the intensity of the load your working with from 60% to 90% of your 1 RM and once every 4-6 weeks you can allow yourself to challenge a PR.

Get out of your comfort zone - We all have those movements we hate doing because they are particularly tough on our body. They are hard because they involve skills we don't have yet. Mastering those movements you're less comfortable with will allow you to make substantial gains and therefore improve your lifts dramatically.

Stretch - Make sure you stretch post workout. It doesn't need to be long, about 7 to 10 minutes every time. Olympic weightlifting is about intense muscle contractions and you don't want to leave the gym tight and sore; it will affect your motor pattern learning process. Loosen up before packing up!

Olympic style weightlifting club's are hard to find, my suggestion for you is to get into weightlifting through a Crossfit affiliate. Happy training!!"