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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I Am Infinit: Tyler Hollema

We're starting up a new series! Have you ever wondered who uses Infinit? The answer is EVERYONE! We work with Olympians and professional athletes, age groupers, weekend warriors, and everyone in between. Now, we want to hear and share your Infinit stories! So tell us why #iamINFINIT! First up, XC Mountain biker Tyler Hollema, fuelling on Infinit since 2012. 

Name: Tyler Hollema
Occupation:  Mechanical Designer
Sport:  XC Mountain Biking
Years in the sport: 7+ yrs

Photo Credits: Dave Silver Photography

My Infinit Story:
Just this past summer a group of us headed up to Yukon to compete in the 24hr of Light in Whitehorse.  I was competing in the solo category, so 24hr on the bike.  I have done 24hr solo races before as well as BC Bike Race, and had great success with Infinit.  So I ordered the custom formula that worked for me, and began training over the winter and summer.  I used Infinit during and after the training rides to keep me going and not cramping or bonking out.  For the 24hr of light race, I was able to stay on track and somewhat alert with the small caffeine shots and push through the event.  Finishing a respectable 3rd place in solo male I was extremely pleased with the result.  

Infinit has become a staple of my training and racing, and I have no need or desire to change that.

Your future goal in sport. What do you hope to achieve in the coming years?

In the coming years, I plan on going to Canmore to compete solo in the 24hr of Adrenaline as well heading to the northern states to compete in some of the 100 mile ultra marathon races. Really the end goal is to continue to ride and have fun doing it. 

Inspired? We want to hear your story! Email tessa@infinitnutrition(dot)ca for more information!