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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I Am Infinit: Leslie-Anne McKenzie

Leslie-Anne McKenzie is our next featured athlete in the I Am Infinit series! Leslie has been fuelling on Infinit since 2009! Learn more about Leslie and her life as a Career Practioner and triathlete below. 

Leslie-Anne, with Coach Angie Anderson at IMCDA 2016. Leslie-Anne placed 5th in her age group here. Angie was the one who introduced Leslie-Anne to Infinit!

Occupation: Career Practitioner in a high school
Sport: Triathlon
Years in the sport: 10

My Infinit Story: I took up “triathloning” as a means to get into some sort of shape. When asked what I was training for I would always say, “life”. After my 1st race I was hooked and I began to call myself a triathlete.. As I began to train for longer distance races I needed something that would get me through. My coach introduced me to Infinit and I have not looked back. I have tried other products, epic fail! 3 Ironman's, many half’s, standard and sprint distances (and all the training) later I am still using my custom blend. One tweak to my mix in all the years. I will freeze it and have what I call “Infinit freezies” while I bike; during a hot triathlon it is the best-treat ever. The Recovery product is very good and that too is freezable and after a long hot training ride followed by a brick run it is SO refreshing!

Your future goal in sport: What do you hope to achieve in the coming years? I hope to be still doing triathlons and do one more Ironman when I turn 60. My 1st was when I turned 50. I see it as a great way to celebrate a new decade. If I’m truly blessed, I’ll do one when I’m 70! If my knees give out then Aquabike here I come! I will continue with Infinit because it works, plain and simple.