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Monday, October 16, 2017

I Am Infinit: Simon Aldridge

Meet Simon Aldridge, an Infinit user for only 9 months but already hooked. Here is his Infinit story. 

Occupation:  Scenic Carpenter, Stratford Festival.
Sport:  Duathlon Sprint and International.
Years in the sport:  3 years in Duathlon.

My Infinit Story: I am relatively new to Duathlon, this being my third year. My first two years of competing put me on the podium in most races in my age group but I felt that things could be better. I was training properly as per my coach but I was lacking energy on the second run and was taking a long time to recover even after training runs and rides. I started this year wanting to qualify in my age group for the Denmark Multi-sport World Championship 2018. I had to get my nutrition sorted out to compete at the longer distance. I looked into what Lionel Sanders used, he burns way more calories in his races than I do. This led me to a consult with Infinit in early spring. This was a revelation for me. Now I have all my race needs in a custom liquid form, formulated to my bodies needs. I can come off the bike and have energy to finish the last run and then its straight into a bottle of Infinit Repair.

Future goals:  This winter will be spent on training for the Worlds next July. There are other races along the way but the focus is to represent Canada in Denmark.