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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

True Story - I Love That I Am Helping My Mom!!!

My Mom has been drinking a serving of Cold Brew a day for almost a month.  She started drinking 2-3/ day she loved it so much.  I told her: "Mom, that's too much caffeine - you know it has real coffee in it".  She now drinks only one a day; always has it between breakfast and lunch and looks forward to it - 'My Treat!' as she puts it.

When in town this past weekend she told me that she has been feeling stronger and she has a lot more energy.  There is clear evidence that with exercise and increased protein intake you can increase your strength and muscle mass, regardless of age.  I am heartened that my 70 year old Mom is loving Cold Brew and the best part is that she is getting 21g more protein a day then she was in the past.

How cool is that?  Your sports nutrition company is not only helping athletes be their best, but it has evolved to help people live their fullest lives.  We have been lucky enough to be involved with 7, and counting, research projects with Dr. Stuart Phillips, the first was just published (key components: higher levels of protein and exercise lead to preserving muscle mass and strength, even increasing it). 

So my Mom loves a product that just so happens to get 21 g more protein into her diet.  Absolutely win-win.

Love that I am helping my Mom and excited about the prospects of helping many more people.