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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Racing for Heart and Stroke

We are excited to introduce you to Holger Bohm, and Infinit customer that is doing something pretty spectacular. Over the past few years, Holger and his family have been greatly influenced by two serious stroke incidents. First, his grandfather suffered a stroke that has now tied him to a wheelchair. A year later, when Holger's father was assisting with his dad's care, he himself suffered a stroke that caused both Holger's father and grandfather to fall to the floor, unable to seek or call for help. Unfortunately, his father did not survive the stroke.

His father was always a great supporter of Holger's athletic endeavours, introducing him to the sport of triathlon and competing in many races with his son. It was always their lifelong dream to race at Ironman Kona together. Holger plans to carry out their dream in 2018, vying to earn his spot in Kona in the fall, all while raising money for Heart and Stroke Research.

"Not only do I plan on realizing a dream, but I am also planning to reach a fundraising goal in partnership with the Heart and Stoke Foundation, for research to help discover the correlation of stroke-incidence in endurance sport."

For those of you who are outside the triathlon world, "the Kona district in Hawaii is the birthplace of Ironman long-distance triathlon, and serves as the annual World Championship, bringing in thousands of international participants to race the world’s toughest course. The race consists of a 3.8km wild ocean swim, followed by a 180km bike ride across lava fields and desert-like wind-swept conditions, and ends with a 42km marathon run, all in the blistering, relentless heat. Participating in this event is the dream of almost every long-distance triathlete, but the qualification process for this race is extremely challenging. Candidates must compete in a qualifying Ironman event and place in the top 3 of one’s age group, in an increasingly competitive field." (Endurance Loop - Holger's official site!)

Holger's journey to Ironman Kona is comprised of 3 stages, with 2 stages down and 1 to go! 

2016: "I represented Canada in the Olympic distance World Championship in Cozumel, Mexico. I also competed in the Wasa Triathlon, finishing 4th overall and 1st in my age group, and came in 3rd at the BC Championships in Kelowna. By the end of the racing season, I had raised $1200 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation; donations came mostly from friends and colleagues."

Holger's father, Ronald, during a bike our in the European Alps.
2017: "I failed to qualify for the Half Ironman (70.3) distance World Championship in Chattanooga, Tennessee, instead I battled a self inflicted Achilles injury and had my own run in with heart issues which made this journey even more important to me."

2018: "I am back with a vengeance and aim to compete at the Ironman Hawaii long-distance World Championship in October!" 

We encourage you to browse Holger's website and follow along on his journey! Of course, no challenge is complete without support! If you wish to donate towards Holger's mission and contribute to his $20,000 goal, follow this link

Good luck, Holger! The Infinit Team is rooting for you.