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Friday, February 1, 2019

Round and Round We Go!!!

For the last two weeks, we have been reaching out to cycling clubs to see if we can get a few more on board this season. When we reached out to Real Deal Racing, this is the note we got back:

Hi Darcy,

Thank you for reaching out.  The team needs you but more specifically I need you on Feb 2 more than ever.  Have you seen what I have got myself into? 

Let me know when you have a minute to chat 
Ed Veal

This was immediately intriguing to me for many reasons:
  1. I love crazy long endurance efforts.  I love when folks stretch limits. 
  2. I have a soft spot for track cyclists - love the sport, we have supported Canadian National track cyclists over the years - most notable Mischa Partridge and Kate O'Brien.
  3. I love the Forest City Velodrome - I used to watch the London Knights play there as a kid (my hometown), saw many greats play there: Brad Marsh, Rob Ramage, Dino Ciccarelli and even Wayne Gretzky.  I even played there myself back in the day. I don't know the exact history of the origins of the Forest City Velodrome - but what I do know is it was put together for the love of the sport and involved a lot of sweat equity. I have had the pleasure of riding there a few times - an absolute blast.
  4. Ed Veal is putting himself out there to help raise $25K to help update the facility, specifically heating and lighting. This is a great facility and is where champions are born.  

For those reasons and more I wanted to help. The first way I could help is to fuel Ed like we have fuelled countless 24 hr athletes - our most typical ultra endurance folks come from 24 hr mountain bike racers, like Julie Kelly and ultra-marathoners like Jay Kinsela - both are some of the best at their craft in Canada. Ed and I arranged to talk and we quickly went through a nutritional consult, I got his details: weight, sweat rate, salt: sweat concentration, planned intensity, taste preferences and a few other details. We created his Real Deal Blend to supply the majority of his base calories. Additionally, we have supplied Infinit Power, a lower carb blend to cycle through, and lastly the secret weapon, as Jay Kinsela puts it: Infinit Cold Brew.  Cold Brew has become a favourite of mine at the 3-4 hr mark of rides - sits well and gives a boost of energy along with a shot of caffeine from the real coffee in this protein beverage.  

So with the fuelling out of the way, I think of ways I could help. Ed has set up various levels that riders can participate to help raise funds, Ride an Hour with Ed, 100 km Challenge, 300 kg Challenge and the 24 hr Challenge (honestly I think he will be the only one taking that on). So I talked about me participating - I told him I would love to help. So I am in! I'm going to start riding after midnight when the track will be relatively quiet and we will see what we can do. I am worried about the comfort or my ability to stay reasonably comfortable on a track bike - currently doing 5 hr trainer rides, I somehow feel this will be a lot different. I am looking to do at least 100 km to challenge myself, to be there in person and perhaps further help Ed with his nutrition strategy and lastly, and most importantly, raise money. I would be thrilled if I could help Ed and others reach the $25K goal.

I hope that some of you are willing to help me out!  I am proposing 3 donation levels:
  1. $0.02 per lap.  100 km would be 725 laps or $14.50.
  2. $0.05 per lap.  725 laps will be $36.50.
  3. $0.10 per lap.  725 laps will be $72.50.
For all donations, Infinit will provide 50% of the donated amount as Infinit Bucks.  For option 3 that would get you $36.50 off your next Infinit purchase.

I will personally be pledging $0.10 per lap and hope I have at least 100 km in my legs, frankly, it likely has more to do with my behind.

We will keep you posted on our social media.  

Really looking forward to a great weekend!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada