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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Julie Kelly: Canada’s Elite Ultra-Endurance Mountain Bike Racer

The Rider

Imagine riding your mountain bike through the woods, up and down steep hills as fast as you can pedal. All the while, time is against you and other riders are right behind you fighting to get ahead - keep in mind this race is for 24 hours. This is Julie Kelly’s world! She is a world-renown 24hr Canadian Mountain Bike racer and is one of the top five in the world.
She works and lives in Fernie, BC where she often walks and rides with her Jack Russel through the trail network. Julie also oversees the non-motorized trails for the Fernie Trails Alliance. She is also a fitness instructor and personal trainer and has taken up skate ski racing. In her off time, Julie is always training her body in some way through staying active.

Competitors Are Driven

If Julie could talk to the earlier racer version of herself she would tell herself,
“Be positive. Stay strong mentally and physically. Race your own race and stay focused on the moment. “
As an individual, Julie likes to test her limits. She likes the challenge along with the journey of what you can achieve both physically and mentally. She’s interested in seeing what she can accomplish and what she can learn from each experience to get better for the following race.

World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships

Last October, Julie raced in the World Solo 24hr Championships held in Scotland. She claims that it was by far the most challenging race she had ever competed in. This was because most of the race had high winds pushing against her, pouring rain and it was a super competitive field. Despite the vigorous challenges, she was able to prevail and finished 5th in the Women’s Elite field.

In The Beginning

When Julie first started racing, she was confident in her abilities to compete. She recalls, in her first race, she was very nervous but she trusted in the process and believed her training prepared her enough to compete. Once the first race was over, she was craving for more. Julie gradually moved into bigger events and eventually got into the 24hr team race and then onto the Solo category.

Julie’s Advice to Future Riders:

Have a proper nutrition plan like Infinit Canada. You need to make sure you have your nutrition dialed, both on and off the bike make sure you’re properly fueling. We’ve all made that mistake where we haven’t had enough calories whether its liquid or other nutrition. You need to make sure you keep on top of hydration and nutrition or you won’t be able to achieve your optimal performance. Then you have to make sure you’re doing the same thing off the bike - that’s key. You have to train hard and know there are  going to be times where it's going to be challenging!  Make sure you’re taking the time to recover properly, find that proper balance. Of course proper sleep plays a critical role as well. So if you want to have that top performance make sure all these things are dialed in.

What Has Been The Impact of Infinit Canada on your Career?

In Julie’s first 24hr race she took too much sodium on with the combination of liquid and supplements. When Julie spoke with Darcy from Infinit Canada, they were able to identify what works best for her with the type of activity she does. They also reviewed how much sweat she would be producing and what the temperature of the environment was and how much her weight would fluctuate during the race. “You need to adjust and supplement based on various factors which Infinit Canada did with me.” Infinit allows her to stay on the bike longer and keep moving.

Julie’s Upcoming Races

Be sure to check out Julie and show your support as she competes in these upcoming events:
April 2019: Two Wheel Ten Hour, Spokane, WA
May 2019: Salty Dog, Salmon Arm, BC
May 2019: 24 Hours Round the Clock, Spokane, WA
July 2019: Butte 100 Miler Race, Butte, MT