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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

1st Qualifying Ride Complete - Paris-Brest-Paris 2019!!!

Last year, thanks to a fellow ESR rider and friend Tim O'Callahan I dipped my toe into the world of Randonneuring.  In 2018 I did a couple of 200 km Brevets, a 384 km Fleche Ride and the 400 km Cremore Classic.  While riding the Cremore - I learned a lot more about this Paris-Brest-Paris thing, it occurs every 4 years, it is coming up this August and it frankly sounded epic.  I tucked it away quietly and hoped that I could find my way there.

With my 400 km ride last year, it allows me to pre-register for Paris-Brest-Paris and that is what I just did.  I am so excited, my starting time is 8:30  pm on August 18.  We have 90 hrs to complete the 1200 km, we all need a little nervous energy....I am so excited.  There will be 5 of us total riding: Brenda, Tim, Chappy and Matt.  Pretty certain that Geoff will be making the trek to support us at the control points and driving our rental RV.

I have just completed the first qualifying ride, the Rondeau Rando (200 km -  Definitely a tough day - always hard starting a big ride in the rain and near freezing temperatures.  Brenda, Tim, Brian, Lorelei and I rolled out around 7 am for what was cold and wet for the entire day.  Funny when you ride in conditions like that and explore your limits, you appreciate everything, yesterday I had the best chicken noodle soup, the best coffee, the best coffee and finally the best shower at 8 pm - Glorious!!!

Now I am down to 3 more qualifying rides: 300, 400 and 600 km brevets before June 20 in order to convert my pre-registration into a confirmed registration.  Hasn't always been this way, but due to many withdrawals they have added these qualifying rides.  At present, this is what I know about my schedule:
  • April 13th, 400 km - Corinth, Greece
  • May 18th, 300 km - Detroit, MI
  • June 8th, 600 km - Windsor
I always love having something big on the horizon, something that scares and excites me at the same time.  I have that with my Paris-Brest-Paris journey - I will share the highs and lows as they unfold.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada