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Friday, May 17, 2019

Incredible Ironman Couple - This Is Why I Do What I Do!!!

Wednesday, I received this email that put a smile on my face and it is exactly the reason we do what we do at Infinit Nutrition Canada.

1st Overall AG-60-64
Hi Darcy,

Wanted to let you know that Jenn and myself appreciate the time you spent with us updating our nutrition formulas for our race last weekend in Santa Rosa. 

We both had excellent results and our new formulas were perfect.

Jenn won her AG (60-64) by over 45 minutes and is going to Kona for the 2nd time.

I had my first podium finish (5th in AG 55-59) after my best run off the bike. 3:41:18

Our next race is IM Calgary 70.3 in August with our eye on a slot for the 2020 70.3 championships in New Zealand. 

Thanks again, 

Jenn and Michael have been long time customers; they reached out to us in March and wanted to discuss a few tweaks to their Custom Blends for their upcoming race at Ironman Santa Rosa.  We hopped on a call to discuss together how we could tweak the blends to optimize their performance; their blends were ordered, sent, and - wow! What incredible results!

5th Overall AG-55-59
Both Michael and Jenn had solid swims and bikes, but most Ironman competitors know it is what you do on the run that makes the real difference.  I once heard (not sure if was my coach Richard Pady "Ironman is all about conserving energy and nourishing your body the best you can for the swim, the bike and the first half-marathon; the race starts on the second half-marathon".  In my personal experience and from what I have witnessed at all levels - those that run the 2nd half marathon close to their first 13.1 miles have results closest to their true potential on the day.  This is exactly what Jenn and Michael did - Jenn was less than 10 minutes slower for the second half and Michael under 7 minutes. These are incredible results: Mike was able to run the last 2 km at sub 5 min/km pace.

When you truly understand your personal fuel and hydration needs, and when you create a plan to ingest the right amount of calories, electrolytes and water, then execute - you can get results like this.  It is not rocket science (but it IS science), and it is not without some suffering (pain management) - but both Michael and Jenn raced at a level that they had trained for.  We are happy that we were able to fuel them to their potential.

Congrats Jenn and Michael - truly incredible results.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada