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Monday, June 17, 2019

Infinit Cold Brew - Too Good to Be True???

Not even close!

We developed Infinit Cold Brew a couple of years ago after serving up protein iced coffees to friends and family.  Until mid-2017, these delicious drinks were simply made by taking real coffee, adding Infinit Raw (20 g), cream and a little maple syrup to taste.  They were always a hit.  Our first public appearance was at the Tour di via Italia - 2016, where we served Anchor Cold Brew with our Raw - making a lot of friends and truly validating there was a place for a protein-based iced coffee.  This only works if you use the best whey isolate, which we do, and have been doing so since 2008.

In June 2017, we knew that we had to make this concept into a ‘just add water’ project.  After a bit of formulating and bench work, and (the best part) taste testing, we had it.  Looking for simplicity, we ended up with only 4 additions: organic coconut sugar, real coffee, New Zealand Whey Isolate and Rich Mix (a non-dairy creamer).  Just add water and ice, and you have an iced coffee that is good for you.  On my personal Facebook page, I posted this and the response was incredible: Infinit Cold Brew - FB Post.  As an aside, if you avoid sugar of any kind in your diet, we offer a fantastic sugar-free version called Keto Kold Brew and you can read about it on our Keto Krazy site (link here).

Fast forward 2 years and we have a different business - fuelling athletes and helping them recover continues to be our ‘raison d’etre’, but now, some of those very athletes are enjoying our superb Infinit Cold Brew as part of their pre-morning regime, during really long athletic efforts, and as part of their recovery.  A real bonus has been that we are appealing to everyday folks who are busy in the morning but still want to get 20 g of protein - it is the perfect drink to replace your coffee on the way to work.  Others, including my mom, use it as a mid-afternoon snack - something she loves and gets 20g additional protein into her diet, which is so important for ‘healthy agers’. Adequate protein is essential to prevent muscle waste (sarcopenia) as we get older, so finding delicious ways to incorporate it into your real-food-diet is what we at Infinit like to do. 
To date, we have served up just under 150 000 servings of Infinit Cold Brew and it just keeps growing!

If you are looking for:

  • a delicious iced coffee  
  • extra protein in your diet
  • a drink before work or a workout that has calories, protein, and real coffee
  • a good for you mid-afternoon snack/pick-me-up
  • an after workout drink that will aid in your recovery
  • a coffee that is good for you

Infinit Cold Brew might just be what you are looking for.  If you want to try it,  it comes in single serving packs (great for a take-along), 10 and 25 serving bags. Click here to have a look.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

600 km Ride Complete - Qualified for Paris-Brest-Paris

600 km done - feeling great, both physically and mentally.

What started at 5:00 am on Saturday morning finished at 6:46 pm Sunday, well within the 40 hr cut off time for this 600 km Brevet.  All smiles after completing my longest bike ever and knowing I am officially qualified for this year's Paris-Brest-Paris the world's oldest cycling event, dating back to 1891.