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Saturday, December 12, 2020

vEverestingADZ Dress Rehearsal - Pacing/Hydration/Fuelling


Practice makes perfect, at least that is the goal.  Today, a few of us went up Alpe Du Zwift 3 times with the intent of checking our pacing, hydration and our fuelling strategies.  My goal was to hold 75% of my FTP, this was a recommended by Matt Gervais in our first vEverstingADZ session.  So today I pinned my power output at 75% for each of the 3 climbs.

The plan over the next few weeks is to nail down the pace that I expect to ride at.  A power that gets me up as fast as possible, but at the same time allows me to manage the ride.  I personally would like to ride consistently through the entire ride, of course the perceived effort level will increase for the last few laps, but I am hoping that my power doesn't drop too much.  Today was the first test - how does 75% feel for 3 laps and when complete, how would I feel about riding another couple of laps?

If I can lock in the power level and I have consistent temperature indoors (with fan), I can expect my sweat response to consistent.  Immediately before I hopped on the bike, I weighed myself with no clothes on and after emptying my bladder.  I rode for a total of 4 hrs 33 minutes climbing today.  As soon as I got off the bike, I emptied my bladder, took kit off, dried off and took the second weight.

I consumed a total of 3600 ml of fluids/sports drink.  Additionally I had a protein - iced coffee, for a total of 4000 ml.  Total time, total fluids and starting and end weights are gold when trying to determine your fluid intake requirements.  With that here is my data:

This table shows that even though I consumed 4000 ml in just over 4 and half hours, I still lost weight.  Nothing crazing, the data shows based on weight that I was 1.2% dehydrated - good news is that if I executed this same plan when extending to 8.5 laps for the vEveresting - I could expect to be about 3.5% dehydrated, a level that still allows me to generate reasonable power.  For clarity, research shows ingesting 75% of what you expect to lose is the ideal quantity to consume - for me based 1100 ml/hr fluid loss - I should be taking about 825 ml/hr.  I had never checked this out for an indoor ride, good info.

Other learning's for today, my descent time: 11:16 and how to manage this time.  That is a lot of time, but does go by quickly - had all my fluids prepared in a mini cooler, on the 30th - I will use a bigger cooler - allows me to fill the two bottles really quickly.
Hope you are starting to get things dialled in.  If you are reading this and have no idea about our vEverestingADZ on January 30th, email me at  We have about 50 on board so far, the more the merrier.

If you want some help with the hydration calculations - email me.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Friday, December 11, 2020

Infinit Nutrition Canada Partners with Water Polo Canada


Infinit Nutrition Canada becomes the Official Sports Nutrition Provider for Water Polo Canada

Infinit Nutrition Canada is a leader in ultra-premium custom-blended nutritional sports drinks and is announcing their newest partner: Water Polo Canada. 

"We are thrilled to formalize a partnership with Water Polo Canada - the Team has been utilizing our products since 2015. Our more intimate relationship will allow us to work directly with their sport dieticians and other athlete supporters to create training/competition and recovery beverages that match the exact needs of the Water Polo Canada Team, allowing them to achieve their full potential."

- Darcy Haggith, CEO of Infinit Nutrition Canada

“Water Polo Canada is thrilled to partner with Infinit to provide our National Team athletes with the products needed to achieve their goals. We have been working with Infinit for a few years, and we look forward to taking this collaboration to the next level and supporting our National teams as they prepare for a return to international competition.”

- Justin Oliveira, High Performance Director, Water Polo Canada

Photo Credit: Diane Bekhazi, Water Polo Canada

Infinit Nutrition Canada is proud to fuel Canada’s most elite athletes, recreational athletes, and weekend warriors with the highest grade, ultra-premium nutritional sports drinks. Nearly all sourced materials are from Canada and manufactured proudly in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. For more information contact Infinit Nutrition Canada directly at 1-877-691-3835 or by email at

- Mackenzie Siddall, Marketing Coordinator, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

vEverestingADZ Successfully

Want to successfully complete a vEveresting?

So do we!  That is why we have created this community, we can all share our thoughts and experiences in order that we best manage the 8848 m (or 4424 m) climb.  Over the next few weeks, as a group of nearly 50 of us from across Canada prepare for our Jan 30th ascent of Alpe Du Zwift, we will be sharing some valuable information to help you achieve your goal.  In our first video of the vEveresting Alpe Du Zwift series, Mackenzie interviewed myself and Team Infinit Athlete - Matt Gervais.  In the first video, we discuss how this thing evolved and more importantly we touch on some of the challenges we expect to face as we prepare and eventually tackle the big ride.

Matt wasn't so concerned about the mental aspect of being on the bike so long, just about being super mindful of how to use the descent time and of course pacing.  If we are well nourished and well hydrated, pacing will then be the key to success.  Over the next few weeks we will have 4 more additional videos:

  1. vEverestingADZ - Hydration and Fuelling with Andrew Edge
  2. vEverestingADZ - Prep and Pacing with Paolina Allan
  3. vEverestingADZ - Managing the Physical and Mental Fatigue with Ed Veal
  4. vEverestingADZ - Optimizing the Climb with Matt Gervais
What we hope to offer is a ton of valuable information that when combined with some solid prep during the next 8 weeks will result in many successful attempts of the vEveresting of Alpe Du Zwift.

Each Saturday morning, we will have a Zwift Meet-Up, Jon Hilder will be setting up.  If you are interested, just follow him on Zwift and let us know in the Infinit vEveresting Alpe Du Zwift group posts.  Not part of the group yet, just ask to join.

Hope to see you on the hill!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Infinit Nutrition Canada adds Canadian Triathlete to the Team

Canadian Triathlete, Joanna Brown is fuelled by Infinit Nutrition Canada 

Infinit Nutrition Canada is a leader in ultra-premium custom-blended nutritional sports drinks and is announcing their newest Team Infinit Athlete: Canadian Triathlete, Joanna Brown. 


“We started working with Joanna in early 2015 and had an opportunity to see her race at the Pan Am Games that year. In that race, her role was as a domestique for her teammate - she performed admirably on the day, ultimately finishing 13th. What struck me on that day was how much she enjoyed the race, every time she came through the grandstand, she fully embraced and acknowledged the crowd - her smile was infectious. We are thrilled to continue to fuel Joanna into 2021.”

-Darcy Haggith, CEO of Infinit Nutrition Canada

“It took me quite a long time to discover the importance of fuelling properly and having the right products to do so. In my early years of triathlon, I was often under fuelled which resulted in low energy and numerous injuries. After consulting with my coaches, nutritionists, and the good people at Infinit, I was able to more accurately dial in my nutrition strategies. My partnership with Infinit means that I can stay on top of my nutritional needs in a high energy demand sport. I don’t need to stress about getting in the right amounts of macronutrients, as my blends are customized specifically for me. We are often training 3-4 times a day, and Infinit provides me with all the nutrients I need to be constantly on the go! JetFuel is also my racing fuel of choice, I have never been faced with cramping or stomach issues with this magic in my bottles. I’m really happy to be part of the team leading in to an Olympic year, and I know my nutrition is in good hands."

-Joanna Brown, Canadian Triathlete

Infinit Nutrition Canada is proud to fuel Canada’s most elite athletes, recreational athletes, and weekend warriors with the highest grade, ultra-premium nutritional sports drinks. Nearly all sourced materials are from Canada and manufactured proudly in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. For more information contact Infinit Nutrition Canada directly at 1-877-691-3835 or by email at

-Mackenzie Siddall, Marketing Coordinator, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Virtual Everesting ADZ - Jan 30/2021


I had originally wanted to complete an outdoor Everesting (In Real Life - IRL) attempt in 2020, but didn't get it in with some of the other challenges I took on.  So a couple of weeks ago I started looking at the vEveresting thing.  I know it is not the real thing, but at the same time, I know it is a real challenge.  At the moment with one month left in 2020, I am 1000 km away from my goal for the year and really want something to train for.  After a couple of hours of investigation on the vEveresting thing, I thought I want to do this.  I need to get someone to do it with me.  Sent an email titled Hmmm... to a friend of mine, Matt Gervais and told him I wanted to do a vEversting attempt - you in?  He said yes, so it begins.

So what the heck is Everesting and vEveresting?  Click to find out.  Really simple pick a hill, go up and down that hill until you climb a total elevation equal to the height of Mount Everest - 8848 m.  With the research I have completed, if you are looking to do a vEverest attempt, Alpe Du Zwift is the perfect climb.  Average gradient at 8.5%, 22 segments for lots of mental distraction and likely most important factor, a 10 minute descent.  Why is descent so important?  You can hop off your bike while you coast down hill - gives you 10 minutes to fuel, hydrate, stretch, go the washroom, change your kit, lube....whatever you need to do to.

So with Matt on board, we started asking around and we quickly came up with a core group that are willing to take this on January 30th.  Shortly after we post on our Instagram Feed and now we are up to nearly 30 riders - Awesome.  We will be sharing this with our Infinit Canada customer base and we encourage you to share with anyone that wishing to join in the fun (the pain) on January 30, 2021.

I will attempt to lay out the details for the ride and preparation, please know that it will evolve a bit, we will see some small tweaks along the way, but generally it will go as follows:

The Ride

vEversting Alpe Du Zwift (8848 m) or vBasecamp Alpe Du Zwift (4424 m).  If you have pretty good bike
fitness at the moment (6-10 hrs/week), and 9 weeks to train you should have enough time to get ready for the full Everest attempt.  If your volume is down a bit, perhaps vBasecamp will be a challenge to strive for and perhaps a stepping stone to a full Everest attempt later in the season.  We will have a few Teams involved as well, so if you want to participate, get a group of your mates/co-workers and tackle the 8848 m with them - 4 riders would require each to climb for about 2.5 hrs - doable!

The Rules

This ride because we picked Alpe Du Zwift has to be done through Zwift, logged on Strava and performed on a smart trainer with trainer difficulty set at 100%, if you want your results to show up on Everesting Hall of Fame.  More rules can be found on the Everesting links above.  Note to unlock the Road to Sky Course - which has the Alpe Du Zwift course you have to be level 12 on Zwift - there are some work arounds for this.  If you are not concerned with being in the Hall of Fame and just want to join in for a day of fun :) - all you need is Zwift, a trainer that connects to Zwift and a Strava account.


We have 9 weeks to prepare for this ascent.  Many of you if you are considering this have gone up Alpe Du Zwift a few times, if you haven't don't worry - still lots of time if you have a good fitness level.  My schedule of long rides at the moment to prep me for the big ride:

Dec 5th - Four Horseman -Watopia (Elevation: 2112 m)

Dec 12th - 3 X ADZ - Watopia (Elevation: 3108 m)

Dec 19th - Uber Pretzel - Watopia (Elevation: 2335 m)

Dec 26th - 2 X ADZ - Watopia (Elevation: (2072 m)

Jan 2nd - 

Jan 9th -

Jan 16th - 4 X ADZ - Watopia (Elevation: 4662 m)

Jan 23rd - 

Jan 30th - vEveresting - Alpe Du Zwift (Elevation: 8848 m)

Not sure what I will be doing for a few of the long Saturday rides, but my goal for the rides is to lock in a few things for my Alpe Du Zwift sessions:

  1. My sustainable power over 8.5 climbs.  The best I have done is just under an hour, averaged 260 watts, more recently I did a couple of laps at 207 watts, this gets me up in 1 hr 13 minutes.  Have to see how this feels up 3 and 4 times.  Not sure if 200 watts is a good target for me.
  2. With ADZ there are many segments or sections - I am looking to identify which segments I will climb out of the saddle.  I would like to proactively climb out of the saddle 4-5 times during each ascent to give my butt a break, change hand positions and such.  Doing this from the start of the ride will likely help how I fell when on the last couple of ascents.
  3. See how to best utilize my 10 minute descents.  Fuelling, washroom breaks, stretching, resting - again I hope to gain some valuable insight to apply on the big climb.
  4. Of course - nutrition and hydration - I have some ideas, but as I push to 4 laps - I will get greater insight to what is best for the full ascent.  I can't tell you how many times folks have told me, I was fine until 5 or 6 hrs into my ride or Ironman - then my nutrition or hydration plan let me down....the reality is that the nutrition and hydration plan to support the 10-12 hr event was off at the beginning it just didn't manifest itself until 6 hrs deep.  You must figure out what you fluid loss rate is per hour and plan to take 75% of this amount in, knowing how much fluid to take in, allows us to know how many calories we can safely ingest.  I will have a scale close at hand to make sure I am tracking well during my practice rides and on the day of the event.  We will do a video on this.  Of all the people I have talked to or videos that I have watched nutrition/hydration is usually the thing has the biggest impact on how Everesting will go.  Of course you have to have fitness and you have to ride at a pace that matches the current fitness level, but nutrition/hydration will get you to your potential.
Bike/Trainer Set-up

I believe based on the sessions I have completed to date that - my gearing is fine.  You will have to know that you can handle the elevation with your gearing - one thing to grind out 50-60 rpm for a few minutes, completely another over the long haul.  We will have some guidance coming your way on this.

Everest/Basecamp Day

Start times will be up to each rider.  We believe it has to be this way as - many different levels of riders taking this on.  I personally want to start at 03:00 so I can finish by 18:00 (hopefully), when others are finishing and there is a lot of company.  We will provide a vEversting___ name to add to your profile so you can recognize others that are riding with us.  Always good to have vEveresting in your name so folks can cheer you on out there.  

If this is of interest to you please email me directly at  This is not an Infinit thing per se, more a personal endeavour - the more the merrier.  Of course I am happy to help out on the nutrition side for anyone that might want our advice or to use our products.  We will have some other companies involved as well, more to come as we move this forward.

For now your actions if you want to participate:
  1. Email me.
  2. Get on Zwift.
  3. Have a Strava account.
  4. Get training.
For all that want to participate, we will invite you to a Strava group for the event, provide an Infinit discount code, and include you on all email updates which will be how we announce upcoming videos that will help you prepare for success.

One video that Andrew Edge (one of the 30 committed so far), has produced gives a little more insight to what we are doing and what is to come: 

Look forward to seeing you out there.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Infinit Nutrition Canada Partners with Baseball Canada Women's National Team

Infinit Nutrition Canada partners with Baseball Canada Women's National Team to become the Official Sports Nutrition Provider.

Infinit Nutrition Canada is a leader in ultra-premium custom-blended nutritional sports drinks and is announcing their newest partner: Baseball Canada Women’s National Team. This partnership is based on a recent relationship with National Team Director, André Lachance.

"We are excited to be named 'Official Sports Nutrition Provider' of Baseball Canada Women's National Team" said Darcy Haggith, President and CEO of Infinit Nutrition Canada. “This relationship evolved from being a trusted partner to CSIO and CSIP for the last decade, one that provides safe fuel and recovery products designed specifically for our national level athletes, allowing them to achieve their full potential.  With Baseball Canada, we are especially thrilled as we will be working at the Team and individual level making sure their nutrition is fully optimized for on and off the field."

- Darcy Haggith, CEO of Infinit Nutrition Canada

“The Baseball Canada Women’s National Team program is constantly striving to provide athletes with the best tools and resources to compete at a high level. Through partnering with Infinit and proving access to their expertise and products, our athletes can only benefit towards achieving their individual and team goals.”

- André Lachance, Women’s National Team Director

Infinit Nutrition Canada is proud to fuel Canada’s most elite athletes, recreational athletes, and weekend warriors with the highest grade, ultra-premium nutritional sports drinks. Nearly all sourced materials are from Canada and manufactured proudly in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. For more information contact Infinit Nutrition Canada directly at 1-877-691-3835 or by email at

- Mackenzie Siddall, Marketing Coordinator, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Sunday, November 22, 2020

If there's a wheel, there's a way!

Brianna Hennessy

Duel Ontario Provincial Para-Athlete 

Wheelchair Rugby & Para-Kayaking

This week we want to feature an amazing woman, athlete and person. Have a read below to hear Brianna’s incredible story and get inspired by her words and actions. 

*Note: This blog was written by Brianna Hennessy

I grew up on the side of a football field, as I watched both of my parents play at the National level for over a decade. I was taught at a very young age what it was like to be a supportive teammate in our family unit. We depended on one another and each one of us had just as much of an important role as the next.

With the inspiration of my parents drive, accomplishments and unconditional support and sacrifices, I was able to spend most of my life as an elite athlete in multiple sports - 

AA Women’s Ice Hockey, Ball Hockey at the National level, Ontario Amateur Provincial Boxing Champion, as well as Rugby for the Ontario, Quebec and Canadian Rugby team.

Sport teaches us wonderful things such as hard work ethic, perseverance, believing and trusting in yourself and others, patience, self-respect, and mental strength. We always hear that cliché phrase, that ‘practice makes perfect’, but more importantly ‘practice’ allows us to make mistakes. It teaches us that mistakes can be learning opportunities to push through our own boundaries. Sports teach us to look for new perspectives to be able to quickly adapt and prepare ourselves ahead of time - to challenge our mental strength. Above all, sports have taught me resilience. 

Until November 2014. 

Something happened to me that I could never predict or prepare for. I was in Toronto for a work conference. I had a financial position as an Underwriting Manager in the Crown Corporation of the Government with BDC (Business Development of Canada). I was a pedestrian crossing the street and I was struck by a speeding cab driver. This incident broke my neck and severed one of the main arteries to my brain. I woke up in the hospital and couldn’t move my body from my neck down. It was my worst nightmare or fear that had come true, other than being blind. The only thing that I could feel were my tears as they rolled down my face as I went into a complete state of panic. Why me? Why now? This can’t be real! When would I wake up? 

I remember telling my father that I didn’t want to live anymore and to just pull the plug. I was ready to say ‘Goodbye’. I still remember him bursting into tears and hugging me, saying don’t you give up on me! Don’t you dare give up on me!!! 

But, I would not be a burden on my family. All I could think about is that I could no longer be the strong independent woman that I once was. A women that played contact male dominating sports - to demonstrate to myself and other young women that you can do anything that you set your mind to. I felt like I had forever lost my identity that day. What would be my purpose? What was the point? For the first time in my life, I was ready to quit. I was terrified. I was helpless. I was stuck. I felt invisible. As I laid there in the hospital, minutes felt like hours, hours felt like weeks and weeks felt like years. I felt completely lost for the first time in my life. 

I’m not sure who originally said this saying, but it reads: “We don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have.”

Something about it resonated with me, so I had my family write this on my hospital room board. This is what started the whole battle between my mental and physical being. I realized in that moment that there was a detrimental choice I had to make. 

I vividly remember hearing my granny’s voice all of a sudden surround me. She was the strongest person I had ever known. She was told she had 2 months to live when the doctors discovered she had Leukaemia. She lived for 2 years after that. When she was done fighting, she brought her 7 children into the hospital room one night and said her goodbyes, made her peace and told them all she was letting go and was ready to do so. That night she passed away. 

That reminded me of the power of our minds. Our mental strength is the ultimate power over our bodies- mind over matter. 

I laid there trying to make sense of it all. I could forever use these new disabilities as a crutch, or I could change my perspective - what would granny do? Could I learn from this? Could I adapt? Could I fight this? My accident didn’t take away my support around me, it didn’t take away me believing in myself, my passionate heart or the strength I had built in my character. I was the only one underestimating myself!! It was time to celebrate life! It was time to celebrate the small accomplishments. It was time to round up what strengths I did have and the unconditional love I had around me of family and friends. 

Once I was finally transferred to the Ottawa Rehabilitation centre from the neurological unit, I was told about a team of disabled athletes that would essentially strike one another at full speed in these battle chairs as a wheelchair sport called Murderball (now known as Wheelchair Rugby). I was quite intrigued. I remember going down to watch them practice at night. It was unbelievable! I was so impressed. I had no idea there were contact sports for people with disabilities! Maybe I could do this! 

So I went out for the first time to practice with the Ottawa Stingers team, lead and coached by team captain and Paralympian Patrice Dagenais. I couldn’t believe how welcoming they all were. But, what really stole my heart that day, was that for those couple of hours of practice, they were all just human. They were all just seeing one another as people first, friends second and last but not least as family. It was beautiful! Their positive energy was captivating. They weren’t held back by their disabilities - in fact, they had found ways to overcome them. They had built back up their confidence in ways I could never have imagined was possible. They don’t know this, but my new brothers had saved me that day. I had found a new family - one that understood me. A family where I felt normal again. A family of fighters and survivors against ALL odds, just like me.

I remember the very first time I strapped up into one of those ‘bumper car’ chairs. It was the first thing and only thing that finally filled my heart with a burning fire and desire, once again. I was the only female on the team when I started a few years ago. In fact, only 4% of women play in this male dominating co-ed sport across the world. 

From there, I hit the ground running (lol figure of speech of course - have to have a sense of humour to make it in this life). Before I knew it, the time had flown by, and I was honoured to play at the Ontario Provincial level, and then participate in a couple Wheelchair Rugby Nationals. 

My biggest accomplishment was last season, where I was the only female wheelchair rugby athlete in Canada, to be imported on a USA team - the Tampa Bay Generals (Div 1). At the end of the season, our team locked in the 4th seating position in the whole country. In addition, there was the first all Women’s team called ‘the Wonder Women’- made up of some of the top female WCR athletes across North America. We played in an 8-team tournament in Chicago and placed 3rd. This was the first time an all women’s team had EVER placed in the co-ed (mostly Men) league, in the history of the sport. I cannot thank the ON-Para Sports, Wheelchair Rugby Canada & USQRA organizations enough, for making me feel like part of their family, for accepting me for who I am, and for all the strength that they have given back to me. I will never forget how their belief in me gave me the foundation to inspire myself to build my resilience back up - that I had thought I’d forever lost. My hope is that I can also inspire others to take the same chance with these wonderful organizations that I have. You will be surprised how much your smile lights up on your face! 

Shortly after last season traumatically ended with the Nationals in both Canada and the USA being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were all left in shock. You see para-sports isn’t just a part of our lives, it’s a way of life. It’s a closely knit community. It’s a new family, where we can feel proud to be ourselves and never feel judged for how we are different than what we used to be. It is our escape to feel alive again. It is a way to remind ourselves how capable we still are! It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, when our nerve pain or body pains are so terrible. When I play wheelchair rugby, it’s the ONLY time in my life that I don’t feel pain. During a rugby game, you are sharing the court with people that have found a light in all the darkness. There is a certain silent respect that is shared amongst us. An unspoken understanding, that we have all been through hell and made it back against all odds. We are all miracles in our own way. A nod from one athlete to the next that says, 1000 other people that have gone through the same thing as us are no longer with us today. A nod of personal pride to say, we are here to take our lives back. We are here to leave all the disabilities on the sidelines, and showcase our abilities on the court for just these next couple of hours! 

Everyone is struggling through their day for different reasons. Each team member will most likely pay the price after the match for leaving it all on the court with increased pain levels or diminished physical and cognitive function. What is magical about para-athletes is that we have all danced with death itself, and we aren’t scared anymore. A collective dismissal of this common fear under one roof can be quite moving and powerful! We have all conquered this and come out learning so much more about ourselves. 

I often look at these unpredictable times during the pandemic and compare them to the challenges that I already face on a daily basis, with my ongoing chronic health issues. Honestly, relatively it doesn’t seem that difficult to cope with. I’ve been through much worse. We miss our families and friends. We miss that connectivity to others organically. We all have our down days, and I’m telling you, that’s ok. What I want you to ask yourself is, what strengths could you be gaining from all of this? How can you change your perspective to adapt to see different opportunities to embrace and then apply yourself? If you aren’t looking, then they won’t find you, and you won’t find them. Text book self-fulfilling prophecy. Remember that you are your own Captain of your own destiny. Taking accountability by proactively showing leadership over our own lives is just as important as being a great leader of any team. I learnt this in the only ‘individual’ competitive sport that I played - competitive boxing. I had to quickly learn that sometimes, there isn’t another teammate to rely on. Sometimes, it’s just you in that corner and it’s fight or flight. 

So how do my actions speak louder than my words? Well I was lucky enough to be connected to a whole new para community over the last few months. This time an independent para-sport, that can be safely done at proper social distancing - Para-Canoe-Kayaking! It was scary, new and completely out of my comfort zone. 

What I CAN tell you, is that once I put myself out there, slowed down and just took a deep breath, I realized how wonderfully therapeutic it was to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, be on the water watching the sunset, and take in all the Summer/Fall scenery! Or as their motto says ‘Discover a NEW sense of FREEDOM’. 

During our 2020 Summer, I was honoured to be welcomed with open arms by the incredible support of the Para-Canoe Kayak Ontario/Canada Organization.

I was lucky enough to be matched with the head coach Joel Hazzan of the Ottawa River Canoe Club (ORCC). 
With a very impressive resume of competing AND coaching at the National & International level, he has taught me everything I know. This past week, I was nominated to be on the Developmental Provincial Ontario team. It is an absolute honour. For the first time - just now, I just realized that I’m a duel-para athlete, both at the Ontario provincial level. I highly recommend canoe or kayak on a recreational and competitive level for all able bodies or anyone with disabilities! There are all sorts of adaptations for different functions and disabilities! We shall see where this new adventure takes me, and I hope to see you out there!! 

Throughout my journey over the past few years, I also cannot thank Infinit Nutrition Canada enough for their ongoing support and expertise. I connected with the President & CEO, Darcy Haggith, a couple years ago. His amazing energy and passion for all sports was truly apparent right off the bat. He took the time to really get to know me as an individual and as an athlete. It didn’t matter that I had not yet attained an elite level status in my para sport! Darcy made me feel just as important in finding ways to customize supplements tailored to my needs (proper nutrition is of course always first). Although, having the additional aid during our extensive exhausting training weeks, gives us all that extra competitive edge to continue to progress, and recover our resources at a much more efficient rate! At Infinit Canada, you can lock in your trust in their team to customize a plan for you and your needs - whether you are an able body or a para-athlete! 

I hope that my story has moved you, or that it can get you moving out there! 

Remember that any disability, is only a temporary inability, to see your wonderful abilities! You’re already a survivor! So take back another piece of your identity too! Your courage is already in your heart, you just have to find your special way to set it free! 

If there’s a wheel, there is a way! Stay active, stay healthy & stay safe! 

Brianna Hennessy

Wheelchair Rugby & Para-Kayak Athlete


Saturday, November 14, 2020

Nutrition Specific to YOU!

Greg Stewart - Paralympic Shot Put Athlete

Greg reached out to us at Infinit because he was looking to customize his nutrition. Here's some information from Greg himself! 

"I am a Para shot put thrower for Canada, and a large one. I’m 7’2 and weigh 345lbs, and one of my biggest struggles is getting the right amount of protein and carbs to maintain my heavy training. Based on the average person, you should consume .6g/kg per person for protein and for heavy lifters/throwers 1.7-2.2g/kg of protein. On the low side, that’s 250g of protein a day for me, which is a lot. On top of that, the average person can only consume 24-35g of protein per hour. So doing the math, it’s tough to get it all in. What I found was that a lot of other brands have a more “one fits all” whey and I wanted something more specific to me.


After seeing the partnership Infinit Nutrition has with CSI Pacific, I looked to see what that was all about. Then I saw that Infinit makes custom blends to be very specific which I found very intriguing. After a few chats with Darcy, Infinit created a blend higher in protein to fit my needs. I’m only a bag in, but I’m feeling I’m getting a better recovery and getting more protein for my needs. Infinit was super awesome and included a free pouch of the cold brew and a wonderful thank you letter, and now I’m hooked!"

CSIO/CSIP Infinit Nutrition Press Release 

All athletes have unique needs - Greg is one of many. We are proud to be fuelling Canada's elite athletes and helping them strive towards their goals! 

If you're like Greg and are interested in customizing your nutrition, give us a call! 

- Mackenzie Siddall, Marketing Coordinator, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Thursday, October 22, 2020

"Look Ma, We Made It" - Everesting Cycling

 Jason Vettorel completes the Everest Ride with the 3rd fastest time in Canada & 31st in the World! 

What is Everesting?

When COVID-19 essentially cancelled the whole season, Jason decided to target a half Everest which he completed back in August. At that point, he had no intention of doing the full thing. "The half actually went all wrong for me. I didn't pick the right climb, I was dehydrated, I didn't eat enough, the conditions were too hot, the list goes on. A friend who did it with me then somehow convinced me to do the full Everest later in the year (last weekend), so I promised myself that things would go differently on my 2nd chance."

Jason completed the Everest Ride on "Bowles Hill" which is right beside Beaver Valley Ski Club on Grey Road 30, near Collingwood. He exhaustively reviewed almost every climb in Southern Ontario and his consensus was that this was the most ideal hill for a fast Everest within a 2 hour drive of Toronto. The average gradient is 12%, the length of the climb was 670m, with 79m of elevation gain per lap. (see image below)

Jason's Ride

It took him 9hr 14 mins of moving time and 9hr 17 mins elapsed time (3min total off the bike). "I stopped once to go pee about halfway through and a second time to adjust my brakes as I was quickly burning through my rim brake pads on the fast descent (hitting speeds of 86 kmph) which I had to complete 112 times. I had a new set of brake pads the week before and they were completely melted by the end of the day."

"I have a coach who I've been with for about 1.5 years and he makes me a custom training plan depending on my goals and schedule." In the months leading up to this, he had done tons of tempo and threshold intervals with his coaches guidance and also some longer 6-8 hour rides with a fair bit of climbing. He also went to the hill that he was planning on Everesting 4-5 times in the weekends leading up to it, where he did 30 of the 112 laps one time and practised feed zone handoffs, turn around points, his braking marker and perfected the segment that he was planning on doing. The half Everest he did in August also served as a really good test run and prep. "My mom has also been the most amazing person through all of this, she gave up a number of her weekends to come with me on the 2 hour drive to the climb to hand me bottles + food and keep me company. On the day of the Everest she was there the whole day and was my "captain" in the feed zone, tracking all my intake and making sure I stayed on track with the nutrition/hydration plan. I titled my ride on Strava "Look Ma, We made it" because she was such a big part of this effort and I could not have done it without her."

Since he didn't get enough water or carbs in on the half Everest, he decided he needed to take in more calories in a liquid form so he ordered 2 bags of Infinit Ride Carb Drink. "When I reviewed the product online and mentioned I was going to use this product for an Everesting, Darcy reached out to me directly and gave me a spreadsheet to fill out to calculate exactly how much water I was losing per hour on the 30 lap test run. We calculated that I would need to drink about 600-660mL per hour to keep up with the water I was losing. Having this carb drink was a massive key to my ride as it was very easy to drink, sat in my stomach well and tasted good too."

"The day went like a dream for me, the prep work that I did paid off and I felt really strong and solid the whole day - not once did I feel like I "cracked" which unfortunately means that I probably wasn't going hard enough haha." He had quite a few friends show up to support him by either cheering him on at the bottom or actually riding a few laps with him on the climb. In the fall last year he got really sick, was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and was hospitalized for 1 month and could barely walk for 3 months and was off the bike completely for 6 months. He started training again very slowly in February 2020 with the goal of returning to his original strength. "I not only got back to my original strength but I came back even stronger and more motivated than ever before. My mental game was now on another level. This successful recovery really fuelled my motivation and I would always think back to how awful it was being bedridden for that long and how grateful I was to be able to ride at a strong level again. Everything I have done since going through that recovery process has felt easy."

Some tips for anyone else thinking of attempting an Everest Ride:

  • Do your research for the "right climb." Ideally something as steep as possible that you can still ride under your threshold and not super long intervals, a 4-6 min climb with around a 1min recovery on the descent is ideal I think.
  • Dial in your gearing - I spent a couple weeks constantly changing around my chainrings and cassette to find the right gears for the climb. I ended up going with a compact front chainring (34T) and an 11-34T rear cassette. This was perfect for the 12-15% gradients that I encountered at the Bowles Hill climb.
  • Plan a good taper week beforehand to make sure you are well rested on the day. No sense doing any big volume rides in the 1 week before.
  • CARB LOAD - Pretty much all I ate for 3 days before the event was brown rice, naan bread, pasta, and oatmeal. Also drinking lots of water in the days before.
  • Use a bike with disc brakes - especially if you are doing a climb with lots of reps like I did.  The rim brakes just can't handle that amount of heat and repetitions.
  • Dial in your nutrition plan for the day of beforehand - I made a spreadsheet for my mom in the feed zone to show her exactly what I wanted on specific laps for the full day and I had them force me to follow it. Even if I was not thirsty or hungry I had them handing me bottles and gels based on the plan I had prepared. I made sure to take in 90g of carbs per hour 660mL of water per hour (based on the testing I did with Darcy beforehand), lots of sodium and then also caffeine doses every so often.
  • LIQUID CALORIES - Taking in almost all my calories through the Infinit carb drink and then topping up with liquid gels was essential to my fast time. Especially in the colder conditions 2-6C, any solid food becomes almost frozen solid after 1 hour at the side of the road and since your jaw and hands become cold, it becomes very difficult to chew and digest 90g of carbs per hour if you are trying to eat solids/real food. The Ride carb drink allowed me to take in a lot of quality calories almost effortlessly.

He is already thinking that if the race season is again cancelled next year he will absolutely have another shot at an Everest 2021. "It is difficult to prep for a race season as a sprinter and also train for this amount of climbing at the same time so the race season will take priority but when I do it again, I would likely go to Quebec for it where there are steeper and longer hills (900m long at 14-15% average). I would love to go for an 8 hour or sub - 8hour time on the full which I think is very possible for me with the right prep, gearing and training."

"It was an emotional day for me that I was really happy to share with my family and friends at the bottom of the climb when I finished. It was really amazing to prove to myself that anything is possible if you want it badly enough - especially considering how bad of shape I was in, less than 1 year ago."

*All quotes from Jason Vettorel 

- Mackenzie Siddall, Marketing Coordinator, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Monday, October 19, 2020

Pacific Cycling Centre Athletes

Luke Hubner and Parker Swanstrom: Two of Pacific Cycling Centres promising U19 cyclists, both 17 years old.

                                                                                                                                        Photo: Filip Funk

Luke Hubner 

Luke is very dedicated and every day after school he clocks two hours on his bike. He will do some short sprint efforts on some days and on the weekend does longer endurance rides of three hours plus. His favourite workout is hill efforts. “I find them quite calming as I don’t have to worry so much about speed and obstacles at a slower pace, so I can focus more on my power.” But he also enjoys the track where he gets to push his limits.

Although there isn’t a lot of racing this year he did complete his first gravel race, the 77km Burnt Bridge Classic in September in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. “I had never done a gravel race so I loved the new experience. Even though it was a TT I still found it exhilarating as there where tremendous climbs and blood rushing descents. I was really happy to score a 12th place out of the 90+ racers as there was a lot of hard competition with most of them being out of my age group.”

Luke takes his nutrition seriously and uses Infinit Ride in his drinks. “If I have it I can always keep going way longer than I would expect. This summer I managed to do a 244km ride which was insane. I took a lot of Infinit on this ride and I don’t think I would have made it through without it. The two guys I was doing the ride with called it my magic drink as I was still able to push hard even after being in the saddle for over 7 hours. Other than the powder being super effective in helping my training I also find I love the taste of it. I also use the Jet Fuel powder before races and hard training sessions which had allowed me to get some results I would never have thought possible.”

Parker Swanstrom

Parker rides five – six days a week concentrating on Zn2 (endurance) rides and a few lighter intervals. He has also been able to get some track time in recently which he feels is good for motivation. “Given the time of year and lack of racing the focus has really been on building a solid base as it’s hard to do speed work when we don’t know when/if races will happen and the dates being postponed pretty regularly.”

He enjoys a good track session with teammates but he has also been riding gravel. “This is more to stir things up and have some fun on technical sections to keep things interesting.” He enjoys three – four hour solo road rides: “Where I can just settle in and go wherever I feel like.”

For a long ride Parker takes Infinit Ride mix in both his bottles. “When you’re on the bike space is very limited and so is the ability to access and eat things so when I can get the benefit of water and nutrients in just one bottle it’s not a hard decision. This is essential for me on longer/harder rides in order to hold it together for the duration and prevent that “bonk” feeling. Jet Fuel is perfect for the track and shorter road events as it helps me activate my system for shorter hard efforts. Then for recovery Repair mix is a good thing for me to drink post effort to help save the system for more race days or just general recovery.”

*Content from Louise Hodgson-Jones, Communications PCC

 - Mackenzie Siddall, Marketing Coordinator, Infinit Nutrition Canada