Infinit Nutrition Canada - Premium Sport-Specific Nutrition

Monday, March 23, 2020


Fellow Canadians,

Of course these are very trying times, on many levels.  We have been surprised and grateful by the number of orders we have received.  We have also been asked several times if we are still shipping, happy to say we are - Open For Business. 

We procure our own raw materials and manufacture all of our products, with the exception of single serves of our Cold Brew products, single serves of our Cold Brew products, which are produced by a local, fully vetted, high volume manufacturing partner who operates under strict guidelines and controls.  One month ago we took a position on raw materials, we are in great shape to manufacture within our pharma style facility here in Windsor.  Most of you don't know my background, initially a microbiologist out of University, I then went into the pharmaceutical industry, eventually holding senior roles in operations and quality.  When the opportunity presented itself in 2006 to bring Infinit Nutrition to Canada, having this background and experience to safely manufacture in sterile injectable and other environments were very useful in setting up our facility/procedures.  In 2014 we moved to our current location - where we created a pharmaceutical style environment that exceeds what is required to operate a nutritional supplement business. 

While our regular procedures and environment allow for us to produce safe and efficacious products, however in light of the current situation we have added the below procedures to both continue to service our customers and help keep our staff safe.
  • Set up remote work stations for all non production staff.  
  • Mandated social distancing within the work environment.  Only one operator will be in a production suite at a time.
  • Production employees are checked daily to confirm no symptoms of COVID 19.
  • Each box shipped will have a 70% IPA disinfecting wipe.  When you receive your product - you can use the wipe on your hands after your remove it from the outer packaging.
We are offering free shipping on all retail orders while we make our way through this time.  We are grateful that we have earned your trust and we will continue to do everything we can during this time to safely serve you. During a time when it's not easy to access your regular stores, we hope we can help you as you help us during what will undoubtedly be a slow period.

Use the "FreeShip-THANKS" code and we will get your trusted Infinit to you as quickly as we can.

As always - we appreciate your business.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada