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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Cindy Ouellet: Staying Healthy, Staying Home

What was your main athletic focus prior to COVID-19 actions?

Prior to covid-19 my main focus was Paralympic in Tokyo 2020 and we were going to centralized in Toronto. From May until we leave for Tokyo... obviously this has changed :)

Understand you may not have a definitive competition schedule at the moment, how are you approaching your training now?

For sure there are a lot of uncertainties but we now know that Paralympics has been push back a year and that we are training toward the same goals. Just will have a little bit longer prep which is okay. We need to adapt and stay healthy and take care of our families.

What positives, if any, can you take from our situation with respect to your training and being best prepared for a return to competition?

For me I'm trying to build a little home gym to stay as fit as possible. If I can keep training at home and of nice weather can come around I'll be able to install a basketball hoop outside and still do few chair skills and shooting sessions :)

How has your training benefitted your mental state as we Canadians maintain social distancing?

Adversity will make you stronger, you have to stay positive and with social distancing I think people are talking to each other "via web" more than ever. It is different that's for sure but I feel like I have time to talk to my friends and family more than I ever did before.

Any other comments?

Stay positive, we will beat this together as a united country. Carpe diem ! :)

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada