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Friday, April 17, 2020

Drew Mechielsen: Staying Home, Staying Healthy

What was your main athletic focus prior to COVID-19 actions?

My main athletic focus was working to qualify myself to the Olympics. BMX was still in the qualifying process, our qualifying actually didn’t end until June. We had a packed competition schedule so I was focused on doing my best at every race I was at.

Understand you may not have a definitive competition schedule at the moment, how are you approaching your training now? 

I have no idea when it is that I’ll get to race again! Theres so many possibilities of when it could be, right now I’m just taking it one day at a time. It is hard to stay motivated but I love exercising and being active. I’ve played around with a few different things that I wouldn’t usually get to do during a normal training week. I am also keeping myself motivated by recognizing that this is a chance to better myself more, this gives me a whole year to try to improve more. 

What positives, if any, can you take from our situation with respect to your training and being best prepared for a return to competition?

Like I just mentioned, this is a chance for me to improve myself even more. It’s also a chance to work more in depth on somethings that I don’t always have time to work on. My mental game is something that I am always trying to improve. But usually working with my mental coach, we are always focussing on the next race and how to be best prepared for that. But since there is some time before the next race, there’s time for me to dive into some other stuff. 

How has your training benefitted your mental state as we Canadians maintain social distancing?

It's kept me sane! Getting out on my road bike or doing sprints on the street allows me to get outside. It also allows me to focus on something else for the time that I am doing that activity. I go absolutely crazy being idle and when I get to train it makes me feel productive. It also adds normalcy to my life! I might not be lifting in the gym or riding the track with my team but I still get to work on things that need to be improved. I would go mental if I wasn’t doing anything! 

Any other comments?

My other happy place is in the kitchen. I’ve always loved baking and cooking but I’ve really used my downtime to be in the kitchen. That is my other trick to help my mental state. Like I said, I don’t like being idle and being in the kitchen is one of my favourite places to be, so I am taking advantage of my spare time to spend more time in the kitchen! 

Appreciate you sharing Drew, great insights!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada