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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Julie Kelly: Staying Healthy, Staying Home

What was your main athletic focus prior to COVID-19 actions?

My main focus was endurance mountain biking, primarily 24 hour solo events. 

Understand you may not have a definitive competition schedule at the moment, how are you approaching your training now? 

I am still training both indoors and outdoors so I am ready when things start rolling again. I have added some more yoga and mediation into my weekly schedule. I am finding this very beneficial. In addition, I have been filming spin videos for people to do at home.

If you follow along with Julie, make sure to cool down (soft pedal for 10 min) and stretch.

What positives, if any, can you take from our situation with respect to your training and being best prepared for a return to competition?

It has made me feel very lucky to be healthy and grateful for being able to still enjoy the outdoors. I am exploring various things to try to get stronger both mentally and physically. 

How has your training benefitted your mental state as we Canadians maintain social distancing?

It allows me to stay positive and keep my mind clear. I always feel better after a ride. 

Thanks for sharing Julie - yes if you can get out solo for rides, it is a great way to clear the mind, and feel a sense of normalcy.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada