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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Medal They Will Remember Most!

As we continue to play it safe and social distance, I am working remotely, only our production folks are working at our Infinit facility, here in Windsor.  Every morning I have a call with the staff and of course on Monday's we discuss how our weekends went.  So when I got to Craig, one of our productions employees, "hey Craig what did you run this weekend?"  His quick reply, I ran a marathon.  What?!

I knew Craig had been training for Glass City Marathon with some of his training group and friends from the Blue Herron Blazers, Ryan had a group a runners ready for spring marathon in Ohio.  A small group, Craig, Stephanie and Erik all decided that they were going to do what they can, nothing stopping them from doing a full marathon.  They had all the fitness, might as well put it to good use!  All 3 happen to use Infinit Run for their marathon training/racing.  All 3 had personal bests, here are their individual race reports.

Stephanie Trepanier - Social Distance Marathon recap
Official time of 3:29:02 - avg. pace of 4:57/km PB by 11 minutes.  The most comfortable and calm I’ve ever felt racing.  After my first marathon in September, I assessed what worked and what didn’t.
This time around was different. I was nervous and respected the distance. I trained based on advice from the experienced and showed up to put in the time.

From the start, I felt great. Calf pain was gone and I felt calm and relaxed.  My on course fuel and hydration was on point. Infinit RUN has been a game changer for me!

Fast forward to the good stuff... As I approached the elusive 32km, I was scared that all those good feelings I had were going to quickly fade.
-My ass started to hurt a bit, my feet were swelling, but the pains were manageable and my fuel and hydration was on point. My body was relaxed and I continued on with my game plan and the kilometres were flying by.
-As I made the last turn and had only 5km to go, I knew I was going to hit my goal and decided to cautiously pick it up a bit. It felt comfortable.
-With 3kms to go, I was wiping the tears from my eyes and couldn’t contain my joy. I freaking did it! Just a little more. I’m sure those washing their cars and watching my back and forth running for 3+hours were questioning my sanity and well being at this point.
-500 m to go and I saw some of my BHB fam at the finish line. It was an ugly cry mixed with laughter.

The result is just the tip of the iceberg. Countless hours, training, commitment and support are only some of the essentials that brought me to this point. I couldn’t do this without the help and support from @ec.running , Craig (who joined in on the fun at the last minute and paced me) and the rest of my running family who were there today and/or who are there to push me, motivate me and support me through and through. I love what I do and I can’t wait to set a new goal.

Erik Chovan - Social Distance Marathon recap

This weekend I ran my 5th marathon. It was very special in the sense that it wasn't an official race.

We've been following a training plan and putting in the work to only find out that the race got cancelled. We were disappointed but figured might as well go ahead and run it anyways. We were excited to have Craig Gillissie join in last minute!

We headed out to tackle 4x 10k(ish) loops. Very thankful for our friends Mike King and Kelly Jean for the aid stations every 5k. Greatly appreciated.

My initial goal was trying to get a BQ time however since it wasn't an actual race I'd be happy to just PB. I was on target for a solid time but hit a wall with 8k left. Dug deep and picked it up to finish at 3:18:57.

I'm excited to continue my training and have another crack and improving even more....Also huge congrats to Steph Trepanier for crushing her goal and keeping a solid pace with clean splits.

Craig Gillissie - Social Distance Marathon recap

What an amazing race! So glad that Erik and Steph invited me out to run with them. Extremely happy with my PB of 3:30:53, but even happier that they reached their goals and ran PBs too. I'm really feeling a sense of pride that they were both willing to try Infinit Run to help them perform their best on race day.  I look forward to them setting new goals and achieving them in the future! 

Congrats again in Steph and Erik!
After Repair, maybe the best recovery beverage of all: Beer!

We love seeing people reach their full potential.  If you feel we can play a part in you achieving your best performance - contact me directly.  I would love to help!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada