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Monday, October 19, 2020

Pacific Cycling Centre Athletes

Luke Hubner and Parker Swanstrom: Two of Pacific Cycling Centres promising U19 cyclists, both 17 years old.

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Luke Hubner 

Luke is very dedicated and every day after school he clocks two hours on his bike. He will do some short sprint efforts on some days and on the weekend does longer endurance rides of three hours plus. His favourite workout is hill efforts. “I find them quite calming as I don’t have to worry so much about speed and obstacles at a slower pace, so I can focus more on my power.” But he also enjoys the track where he gets to push his limits.

Although there isn’t a lot of racing this year he did complete his first gravel race, the 77km Burnt Bridge Classic in September in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. “I had never done a gravel race so I loved the new experience. Even though it was a TT I still found it exhilarating as there where tremendous climbs and blood rushing descents. I was really happy to score a 12th place out of the 90+ racers as there was a lot of hard competition with most of them being out of my age group.”

Luke takes his nutrition seriously and uses Infinit Ride in his drinks. “If I have it I can always keep going way longer than I would expect. This summer I managed to do a 244km ride which was insane. I took a lot of Infinit on this ride and I don’t think I would have made it through without it. The two guys I was doing the ride with called it my magic drink as I was still able to push hard even after being in the saddle for over 7 hours. Other than the powder being super effective in helping my training I also find I love the taste of it. I also use the Jet Fuel powder before races and hard training sessions which had allowed me to get some results I would never have thought possible.”

Parker Swanstrom

Parker rides five – six days a week concentrating on Zn2 (endurance) rides and a few lighter intervals. He has also been able to get some track time in recently which he feels is good for motivation. “Given the time of year and lack of racing the focus has really been on building a solid base as it’s hard to do speed work when we don’t know when/if races will happen and the dates being postponed pretty regularly.”

He enjoys a good track session with teammates but he has also been riding gravel. “This is more to stir things up and have some fun on technical sections to keep things interesting.” He enjoys three – four hour solo road rides: “Where I can just settle in and go wherever I feel like.”

For a long ride Parker takes Infinit Ride mix in both his bottles. “When you’re on the bike space is very limited and so is the ability to access and eat things so when I can get the benefit of water and nutrients in just one bottle it’s not a hard decision. This is essential for me on longer/harder rides in order to hold it together for the duration and prevent that “bonk” feeling. Jet Fuel is perfect for the track and shorter road events as it helps me activate my system for shorter hard efforts. Then for recovery Repair mix is a good thing for me to drink post effort to help save the system for more race days or just general recovery.”

*Content from Louise Hodgson-Jones, Communications PCC

 - Mackenzie Siddall, Marketing Coordinator, Infinit Nutrition Canada