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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Infinit Nutrition Canada adds Canadian Triathlete to the Team

Canadian Triathlete, Joanna Brown is fuelled by Infinit Nutrition Canada 

Infinit Nutrition Canada is a leader in ultra-premium custom-blended nutritional sports drinks and is announcing their newest Team Infinit Athlete: Canadian Triathlete, Joanna Brown. 


“We started working with Joanna in early 2015 and had an opportunity to see her race at the Pan Am Games that year. In that race, her role was as a domestique for her teammate - she performed admirably on the day, ultimately finishing 13th. What struck me on that day was how much she enjoyed the race, every time she came through the grandstand, she fully embraced and acknowledged the crowd - her smile was infectious. We are thrilled to continue to fuel Joanna into 2021.”

-Darcy Haggith, CEO of Infinit Nutrition Canada

“It took me quite a long time to discover the importance of fuelling properly and having the right products to do so. In my early years of triathlon, I was often under fuelled which resulted in low energy and numerous injuries. After consulting with my coaches, nutritionists, and the good people at Infinit, I was able to more accurately dial in my nutrition strategies. My partnership with Infinit means that I can stay on top of my nutritional needs in a high energy demand sport. I don’t need to stress about getting in the right amounts of macronutrients, as my blends are customized specifically for me. We are often training 3-4 times a day, and Infinit provides me with all the nutrients I need to be constantly on the go! JetFuel is also my racing fuel of choice, I have never been faced with cramping or stomach issues with this magic in my bottles. I’m really happy to be part of the team leading in to an Olympic year, and I know my nutrition is in good hands."

-Joanna Brown, Canadian Triathlete

Infinit Nutrition Canada is proud to fuel Canada’s most elite athletes, recreational athletes, and weekend warriors with the highest grade, ultra-premium nutritional sports drinks. Nearly all sourced materials are from Canada and manufactured proudly in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. For more information contact Infinit Nutrition Canada directly at 1-877-691-3835 or by email at

-Mackenzie Siddall, Marketing Coordinator, Infinit Nutrition Canada