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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

vEverestingADZ Successfully

Want to successfully complete a vEveresting?

So do we!  That is why we have created this community, we can all share our thoughts and experiences in order that we best manage the 8848 m (or 4424 m) climb.  Over the next few weeks, as a group of nearly 50 of us from across Canada prepare for our Jan 30th ascent of Alpe Du Zwift, we will be sharing some valuable information to help you achieve your goal.  In our first video of the vEveresting Alpe Du Zwift series, Mackenzie interviewed myself and Team Infinit Athlete - Matt Gervais.  In the first video, we discuss how this thing evolved and more importantly we touch on some of the challenges we expect to face as we prepare and eventually tackle the big ride.

Matt wasn't so concerned about the mental aspect of being on the bike so long, just about being super mindful of how to use the descent time and of course pacing.  If we are well nourished and well hydrated, pacing will then be the key to success.  Over the next few weeks we will have 4 more additional videos:

  1. vEverestingADZ - Hydration and Fuelling with Andrew Edge
  2. vEverestingADZ - Prep and Pacing with Paolina Allan
  3. vEverestingADZ - Managing the Physical and Mental Fatigue with Ed Veal
  4. vEverestingADZ - Optimizing the Climb with Matt Gervais
What we hope to offer is a ton of valuable information that when combined with some solid prep during the next 8 weeks will result in many successful attempts of the vEveresting of Alpe Du Zwift.

Each Saturday morning, we will have a Zwift Meet-Up, Jon Hilder will be setting up.  If you are interested, just follow him on Zwift and let us know in the Infinit vEveresting Alpe Du Zwift group posts.  Not part of the group yet, just ask to join.

Hope to see you on the hill!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada