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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Infinit vEveresting Alpe Du Zwift - Schedule (So Far!)

Ok folks - here is what I have so far.  Nothing cast in stone if something comes up and you have to flip to another group fine.  I suspect over the next week we will have a lot more added, just posting what I have confirmed now, with goal ride, start time and Zwift Name.  I would encourage you all to follow everyone on this in the Zwift World - when you follow folks and they are out on the course with Zwift Companion

makes it easier to recognize folks to interact and encourage one another.  We will all be pushing our limits, whether that is completing a given distance or completing a distance within a certain amount of time.

Really looking forward to sharing this experience with all of you.  As you will see below, we have some folks across the pond starting at 6 am their time, Dionne is here in Windsor-Essex, she likes the midnight start.  Once we get to 3 am, you start to have folks from North America starting, with our bigger waves at 4 am, 5 am, 6 am & 7 am - there will be lots of traffic by the time the sun rises!  

Admittedly, I am an absolute novice using Discord, I have set up a channel - you can join by installing the app and joining my channel DarcyHaggith where we will have a veveresting-adz voice channel.  This will allow for some voice chatting during the ride if you want and need a distraction.  Here is the link to join:   I know that Ed Veal has had some Zoom Meeting set up for other long rides he has done - I am game for that too, if there is an interest.  The only thing, I would caution if you have limited bandwidth for your internet, I wouldn't want you to affect your result - especially if you are looking to submit results to Hells - Everesting site.

We will have Zwift Meet Ups for every time slot we have more than one rider for.  I will tap someone on the shoulder to set-up the Meet-Up for each give time.  As was recommended by Mike Coughlin - we will use the Road to Sky Course for the meet up and set the duration to 5.2 km only, this allows the group to break the green shield and end the meet-up just before the climb starts.  Ending the meetup allows for the U-Turn function that you will utilize as soon as you pass under the banner at the top.

 If you know someone that is riding and is not on the list - have them email me with their info.  Of course, if you are reading this and are not on the list - email me at  This has been like "herding cats", way bigger turnout than we expected - happy for that!  If we have forgot you or missed an email from you, know we are trying!

I will send out a few other emails this week.  

  • Final preparations and planning - ideas on how to be best prepared for the long day in the saddle.
  • For those looking to get on the Hall of Fame - for Everesting site, some tips in case of Zwift crashes.
  • Staying connected - best way to interact with others on the 30th.
  • Final schedule - likely Thursday.  If not on this schedule - folks are still welcome to join!
Enjoy a bit of down time this week, if that is your approach - I know that I am going a little lighter on the volume going into next Saturday.

Talk soon and Thanks for making this such a great event.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada