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Thursday, January 28, 2021

vEveresting-ADZ Checklist - Jan 30/21

Soon, many of us will spend the most time we have ever spent on an indoor trainer, unless of course your name is Ed Veal.  I thought I would share my prep plan, it will serve a couple of purposes - one it will ensure I have my stuff straight and perhaps it will give you a couple of ideas.

My goal is to get through the full vEveresting as comfortably as possible, while going as fast as I am trained to go.  With that in mind, here is my plan.

The night before I will prepare 10 serving of my Custom Blend - has 250 cal per serving.   I expect to take in 1.5 servings (900 ml) per ascent.  I was able to take 8 servings in for my 5 X ADZ earlier with some additional water and a Cold Brew - in total I took in 5600 ml and still lost little more than 4 pounds - this equated to 2.1% dehydration - not bad.  But if you double that effort, I could expect to be around 4% dehydrated, I won't want to be much more than that.  Having the 10 servings the night before will on require me to mix up my nutrition once during the day, the rest of the time as soon as I start my descent and I am off the bike I will fill my two bottles.  

Additional nutrition that I will have on hand is Cold Brew - I find this drink every 3-4 hrs on the bike serves me well - sits well, gives me a caffeine hit and a whack of protein.  I will likely take this two or 3 times during the ride.  I will have clear water on hand at all times - my goal is to have to urinate when I get off the bike at the top of each climb, but not have to get off the bike during a climb up.  If this is the case, it means I am relatively hydrated.  I will measure my weight several times during the day to check my weight / hydration levels.  Being reasonably hydrated during an ultra effort is one of the keys to achieving your potential.

My gearing is all set at this point.  I am going with 34T on front small ring with a 11-34T cassette on the back.  This is allows me to comfortably turn the pedals - even at 14%, feels ok - likely not the case on lap 8!  

I will have 3 sets of bib shorts on hand - all good quality and coated with Chamois Butt'r.  Likely change after 3 ascents and then again after 6.  I may grab a little cream between laps - we will see.  

One of the keys to staying comfortable is staying reasonable dry.  Ed Veal taught me this, he has done multiple 24 hr sessions, I was surprised to learn from him that he remains dry - even though he pushes big power - it is his multiple fan set up.  For the day of, I will be using 2 industrial fan - to keep dry and comfortable.  

My pacing will be about 75% of my FTP - hoping to hold 215 watts at 125-130 hr.  I have know experience after 5 laps, it is conceivable and expected that as I get a little dehydrated that my heart rate may creep up a bit, hope I can keep it below 130 average for each ascent after the 5th, we will see.

I will have 2 extra pairs of socks and I have another set of shoes handy, just in case I get some sore spots on the bottom of my feet.  I wore different shoes previously on super long events, the slight differences on the pressure points can sometimes provide some added relief.

Visualize this!

I will have some solid food on hand, snacks mainly salty nuts and perhaps some potato chips - just something to look forward to as a reward at the top of a climb.

We all know we will have 10-12 minutes rest after each climb, have a plan to optimize this time having your feet elevated for 5 minutes during this break may be helpful, the tighter the plan for the must haves will give you more time for the nice to dos.

Any last minute questions - post on the Strava site, one of the 100 riders taking part might be able to help out.

Hope you have a blast!  See you all out there.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada