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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

vEveresting January 30th - Details

I am super excited about the number of riders we have planning on riding the Alpe Du Zwift course this coming Saturday.  By the time Saturday comes around, we will have more than 100 taking part, the majority attempting a full vEveresting.  I must stress - You Do You!  What I mean is do what is comfortable for you - I was lucky enough to secure the perfect gearing (I think) to get up the hill 8.5 times without stressing my body too much.  By now most of understand the rules - 100% trainer difficulty is required to have your ride recognized by the Everesting Team - if this will put undue pressure on your knees because you don't have the gearing to support a higher cadence - adjust your trainer difficulty.   First and foremost, I want you to enjoy the day and find your limits.  For most of us, we will be on our trainers longer than ever before.  Have fun and embrace the suck.

The group of riders have selected 1 of 3 goals - full vEveresting, vBasecamp or vEveresting-Team.  

vEveresting-Team Guidelines

We have 4 Teams at the moment - 3 of them will be treating it as a virtual relay.  For those Teams, only the first rider will be starting at the prescribed time (see Meet-Ups below).  The other riders on the Team will coordinate with the rider before them, ensuring they are at the base of the hill by the time that rider hits the bottom of the climb.  A few options for this - either ride in from Road to Sky and be waiting at the start of the climb, then when your rider comes across you start climbing OR meet that rider when they are descending, ride with them on the way down and then Uturn after you break the beam at the bottom (bottom left).

For the Team that is all starting at the same time - you can follow the guidance below for the vBasecamp & vEveresting riders just stop after two laps or.....

vBasecamp & vEveresting Riders

I will post a schedule separately - most of you have given me a time that you are looking to start and your Zwift name.  If the scheduled time becomes an issue, there is absolutely nothing to stress about - ride when you can.  The idea of the groups and Meet-Ups starting on the hour is to have a group of riders to start with and to say hello/good luck.  The Meet-Up is 5.2 km long, long enough to get you past this:

But ends before we hit the climb.  This just allows for an easy roll in and for the meetup to end so the U-Turn functionality is there when we get to the top.  Other thing it does is, it ensures we see all the other riders out on the course, not just a Meet-up view.

I have set up a Meet-Up for 3 am EST, my start time - I can only add those that follow me in Zwift.  When you see the schedule on the subsequent post - it will show the Zwift names I have, the ones highlighted in yellow I was able to find and follow.  Follow one another if you wish, this will allow for your being added to the invite list for the Meet-Up.  If you are you are able to create a Meet-Up for your start wave - please email be directly and I will coordinate with you.  Thanks!

What is important is that you ascend and descend the ADZ 8.5 times for vEveresting and 4.25 times for vBasecamp.  If you are doing the vEveresting the Route Achievement badge should show up.  You do your math - you can see from the image below from the start of Road to Sky it is about 25 m elevation gain to the base of the hill - you need 8848 m on top of this 25 m to get the vEveresting and 4424 m more for the vBasecamp.  Ride a few extra meters to be sure!
We will have a Discord channel set-up.  As mentioned I am a complete novice.  Today I road tested it with Ed Veal, and I think we are set.  I see that some of you have managed to find me.  There is only a general channel, this link will get you in:

I will be starting this channel at 3 am or so on the 30th.  I will leave it open as long as it is adding value to the ride.  Based on input, I have selected Push to Talk functionality - means that you will will only be heard when you are pushing and holding down the Push To Talk button - this ensures you are only heard when you wish to be.  Like a walkie talkie if you are old enough to get that reference 😃 For this ride, I will be right along side all of you pushing to my limits - so likely won't be leading any long conversations, it is just there for those that wish to talk to one another.  You can enter and exit all day as you wish and can text.  Other forms of communications of course are through the Zwift Companion app.  I have personally followed or requested to follow everyone that has provide Zwift names to date - this for me will just be a distraction through out the day.  

The night before the ride, I would request that you change your jersey to:

This jersey is available early on in the Zwift environment, so everyone should be able to select this jersey.  Also, ideally you could change your profile name to something like this: Darcy vEveresting-ADZ.  Changing your last name night before will allow folks to see your current name in the meantime and then on the day of the suffix (as the last name) will allow us to recognize one another when we are all out there.

I will provide a few more updates:
  • Updated schedule.
  • Final Preparations - Checklist
  • What to Do if Zwift Crashes On You
I want you to all to achieve your goal.  Pace this, stay hydrated (hydrate well over the next few days), if you have some dark moments (and you will) gain some inspiration from all of those around you.  Visualize over the next few days - achieving your goal, you've got this.

I will go silent on Friday - no additional communications after Friday morning until I see you all on the hill.  We have a rider from NZ starting really early - before 12 midnight EST, based on his timezone and our latest rider starting at 12:30 pm EST - Andrew G at 80 years young is going for 10000 m.  So Cool!

Have fun.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada