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Friday, January 29, 2021

vEveresting - What if Zwift Crashes?

 This may have crossed your mind, what happens if I lose my internet or Zwift crashes mid-ride?  All is not lost, as I found out from Andy at Hells (Everesting).  

When I asked Andy that question he said: In the event of a system crash, just ask your rider to start a new activity, and they can either stitch the two files together afterwards, or submit one file and link to the other, either option is fine.  

I was planning on taking the following screen shots during the day on my Zwift companion app:

Taking a photo at the base of the hill prior to each climb and after you have passed under the banner at the top.  Having these could be helpful if you have a major crash.

If I experienced a loss of internet or a system crash, after getting everything back up and running, I would simply request to ride with someone (that I follow on Zwift) that was a little lower on the climb than I was when it crashed.  Once in, I would take a photo of where I was, upon restarting.  After the ride as recommended by Andy, from Hells I would have two files to submit, I would likely be over cautious and ride a bit extra to absolutely ensure I exceeded my goal elevation.

We have lots of time out there, snap those photos at the top and bottom, these with the Zwift/Strava files will be more than enough to satisfy the folks that will enter you into the Hall of Fame.

No need to be nervous - enjoy the ride!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada