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Friday, February 12, 2021

Started Locally. Supported Locally.

The Cold Brew Journey

For a while, CEO, Darcy and his family/friends would add 2 scoops of Infinit RAW to their coffee, with maple syrup and almond milk. The result was amazing - they couldn’t get enough! 

Infinit teamed up with Anchor Coffee House and added 2 scoops of Infinit RAW to their Cold Brew Iced coffee. 

Once again, the taste was amazing!

One night, Darcy thought "we have to make this into a dry ready to mix (RTM) product." He quickly looked at the nutritional information for Starbuck's, McDonald's and Tim Horton's - he was horrified and excited at the same time. They had an average of 22-23 grams of sugar per serving and 2 g of protein. He was horrified that so many people are drinking these and they are packed full of carbs, with little nutritional value. The exciting part is he felt we could flip it upside down - he formulated this with the Team the next day and well... the rest is history.

In June of 2017, Darcy posted this nutritional label on his Facebook page: 

The product didn’t have a name yet. It was simply an iced coffee with 21g of protein per serving. All you had to do was add it to 400mL of water/ice, shake and enjoy!

The feedback he received on that post was more than he could have ever imagined. 

That’s when Cold Brew was born. 

Fast forward 4 years.
Look where we are now - it’s all because of YOU! 

We are beyond pleased to say that we have sold over a quarter of a million servings of Cold Brew to this day! 

We want to highlight our first ever cold brew customers:

Lorelei Norman, Joanne Prestia, Sean Ireland, Randy Nichol, Maureen McQuire, Vancho Cirovski, Darcy Haggith, Jordan Butcher, Tom Breshamer, and Mohsan Beg.

Thank you for believing in this product and helping us on our Cold Brew journey!

As a small, local company, we are truly grateful to continue to be supported locally and we cannot wait to see what Cold Brew has in its future!


- Mackenzie Siddall, Marketing Coordinator, Infinit Nutrition Canada