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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Customer Spotlight - Meet Kelly Azar

 At the age of 49, Kelly started competing in bodybuilding competitions! 

I started weight lifting at the age of 18. My sister and I worked out at Golds Gym in

Windsor and we were practically the only girls that were working out at the time. Most of the guys at the gym were huge and heavily into body building and worked hard at it. I always admired the effort that was put into transforming the body into such a powerhouse and I always felt that one day I could do the same. As time passed by, I always maintained an active lifestyle in between maintaining a family household and a job, but weight gain was always a struggle and still is to this day. At the age of 49, I decided that I needed to get my body in better shape than it ever was, as I knew age was not on my side. I started focusing on different activities to get my body in better shape. I slowly got slimmer and decided that it was time to take on doing a bodybuilding competition. I figured it was now or never and that I was ready to put in the effort to get me there. I figured I had nothing to lose but everything to gain, so I hired Joey Flores to be my bodybuilding coach, so that I could do my first physique bodybuilding competition. I had a ton of work to do, but eight months later, I managed to step on stage. I was not perfect by any means and placed last, but in my mind, I still placed first as I achieved my goal by stepping on stage and brought the best version of me.

I immediately fell in love with the sport because it is both physically and mentally challenging

and the sport has taught me that you can achieve ANYTHING in life, as long as you have a

focused goal and mindset and I apply it towards every goal I set. So far to date, I have

competed in 7 competitions and each time I have improved. It requires a crazy amount of time

and effort, along with strict diet discipline, but it keeps me in check.

Photography by Zoom

In May of 2020, I was in search of a high quality raw protein that I could use that wasn’t full of a lot of unnecessary chemicals. I was sick of tasting the artificial flavours and bloat caused by so many other companies and I wanted something that my stomach could easily digest and taste delicious. A friend of mine directed to me to Jennifer at Infinit Nutrition and bam, I was hooked! By far, Infinit products are definitely top quality. They taste delicious and are by far, the best bang for your buck. I am constantly telling people how good it is and to recommend them to give it a try. I use all the RAW Protein powders, which include Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies & Cream and natural flavours, on a daily basis in a shake, in my oatmeal or as a protein pancake both at the beginning and end of my day. I just recently tried MUD and often mix it with the Cookies and Cream and unsweetened almond milk for my emery boast in the early morning and it is super delicious. During my workouts, I use Infinit Aminos with added BetaAmino blend and Creatine and I love it. I cannot say enough about the Infinit products. They definitely live up to being a top grade and is definitely vital in my daily lifestyle.

- Kelly Azar, Bodybuilder