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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

How To Stay Hydrated and Achieve Your True Potential!!

We have blogged about this before and we will likely blog about it again.  There are so many theories on how to stay hydrated, how much do I consume, should I take salt/electrolytes, do I drink only when I am thirsty.....I can tell you it all depends.  Your hydration is a personal thing.  Your sweat rate and saltiness of your sweat will vary wildly compared to other athletes.  The concentration or saltiness of your sweat will remain fairly constant during  different activities, but your personal volume of fluid loss will change dramatically depending on the intensity and the weather conditions you are training or competing in.
Get used to taking two bottles out on your bike and one in your jersey pocket.

How and why do we lose fluids?  First we lose water through every breath we take, it is part of the gas we breath out: water vapour.  As your respiration rate increases, the amount of water you lose through your breath also increases.  Of course we lose it through our sweat.  Our sweat response is triggered to keep our core body temperature down as we build heat with higher intensity exercise and due to our environment.  On cool days, we still sweat, but not as much as we would on a hotter day, where our body has to fight hard to keep that temperature down, through increased sweating.  The last major way we lose fluids is through our urine.  So to really know how much water/fluids to ingest while training, we have to determine what our fluid rate loss is for a given intensity, in certain the weather conditions we will be exposed to.  It is not just about sweat loss!

After failing miserably in some Ironmans, one losing 10 pounds during 10 hours, 45 minutes at Lake
Placid I did some heavy research for personal reasons.  I knew my level of hydration wasn't allowing me to achieve my full athletic potential.  What I found out, is that if you very carefully weigh yourself before and after longer bikes/runs, track your intake, then you can pretty precisely determine your fluid loss rate for that intensity and the weather conditions you just trained in.  With this number, we recommend that you ingest 75% of this amount of fluid you expect to lose, to stay reasonably hydrated through most endurance events.

For the race above, I was consuming 600 ml or about a bottle an hour.  What I learned afterwards was that I lose 1200 ml/hr for Ironman pace bikes and runs.  So, ideally I need to ingest 900 ml/hr to stay in good shape.  So not hard to see why I lost 10 pounds, I was consuming 600 ml/hr less than my body was losing per hour.

I use a spreadsheet that I am happy to send to anyone.  Just email me at and I will send it along.  Simple tool, weigh yourself with no clothes before and after urinating (empty bladder), record what you took in and enter the time you trained for.  Spreadsheet does the rest.  But remember this is for the weather conditions you just trained for.  We recommend that you do multiple tests, different intensities and weather conditions - on race day or when you are going for a long training session, take 75% of a similar training situation and that is the volume per hour you should target.

Hydrating well, makes it more enjoyable, you will be stronger late in training sessions and just as important, it truly sets up your recovery.  The better you are hydrated at the end, the better your recovery can be.

Always happy to help, love seeing people achieve their full potential.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Monday, June 17, 2019

Infinit Cold Brew - Too Good to Be True???

Not even close!

We developed Infinit Cold Brew a couple of years ago after serving up protein iced coffees to friends and family.  Until mid-2017, these delicious drinks were simply made by taking real coffee, adding Infinit Raw (20 g), cream and a little maple syrup to taste.  They were always a hit.  Our first public appearance was at the Tour di via Italia - 2016, where we served Anchor Cold Brew with our Raw - making a lot of friends and truly validating there was a place for a protein-based iced coffee.  This only works if you use the best whey isolate, which we do, and have been doing so since 2008.

In June 2017, we knew that we had to make this concept into a ‘just add water’ project.  After a bit of formulating and bench work, and (the best part) taste testing, we had it.  Looking for simplicity, we ended up with only 4 additions: organic coconut sugar, real coffee, New Zealand Whey Isolate and Rich Mix (a non-dairy creamer).  Just add water and ice, and you have an iced coffee that is good for you.  On my personal Facebook page, I posted this and the response was incredible: Infinit Cold Brew - FB Post.  As an aside, if you avoid sugar of any kind in your diet, we offer a fantastic sugar-free version called Keto Kold Brew and you can read about it on our Keto Krazy site (link here).

Fast forward 2 years and we have a different business - fuelling athletes and helping them recover continues to be our ‘raison d’etre’, but now, some of those very athletes are enjoying our superb Infinit Cold Brew as part of their pre-morning regime, during really long athletic efforts, and as part of their recovery.  A real bonus has been that we are appealing to everyday folks who are busy in the morning but still want to get 20 g of protein - it is the perfect drink to replace your coffee on the way to work.  Others, including my mom, use it as a mid-afternoon snack - something she loves and gets 20g additional protein into her diet, which is so important for ‘healthy agers’. Adequate protein is essential to prevent muscle waste (sarcopenia) as we get older, so finding delicious ways to incorporate it into your real-food-diet is what we at Infinit like to do. 
To date, we have served up just under 150 000 servings of Infinit Cold Brew and it just keeps growing!

If you are looking for:

  • a delicious iced coffee  
  • extra protein in your diet
  • a drink before work or a workout that has calories, protein, and real coffee
  • a good for you mid-afternoon snack/pick-me-up
  • an after workout drink that will aid in your recovery
  • a coffee that is good for you

Infinit Cold Brew might just be what you are looking for.  If you want to try it,  it comes in single serving packs (great for a take-along), 10 and 25 serving bags. Click here to have a look.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

600 km Ride Complete - Qualified for Paris-Brest-Paris

600 km done - feeling great, both physically and mentally.

What started at 5:00 am on Saturday morning finished at 6:46 pm Sunday, well within the 40 hr cut off time for this 600 km Brevet.  All smiles after completing my longest bike ever and knowing I am officially qualified for this year's Paris-Brest-Paris the world's oldest cycling event, dating back to 1891.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Infinit Nutrition Canada Partners Up With Windsor’s City Cyclery Inc.

Infinit Nutrition Canada Partners Up With Windsor’s City Cyclery Inc.
The Canadian nutrition company will have a new retailer in Windsor.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

3rd Qualifying Ride Down - 1 to Go!! 300 km Tour of Detroit

My only goal (other than finishing this 300 km brevet within the maximum time of 20 hrs to make it official for my PBP - Ride) was to finish in daylight!  It turned out that on this day, with the group we had, it wasn't going to be a problem!  What I love about these rides is that in a short time, you get to cement relationships quickly - I now have 5 new friends. But I was also very grateful that another biking buddy, Rick made the trip to Wixom with me. He and I have suffered through some other big rides together, and it was a great relief to know he'd be joining me. In total,  I believe a total of 25 riders turned out for this - some wanting to just finish before the 20 hrs, some that have done countless brevets, and some like the guys in our group that were looking to cover the 300 km in a reasonably expedited fashion.  For 13 hrs and 35 minutes, I rode with this group, with varied cycling experience amongst us (listed from left to right):

  • Rick: he and I have ridden a few tours together: 200's and a 400 (Cremore Classic... epic!)
  • Brian: a strong cyclist who rides gravel all the time, he hopped into his first brevet ever, today
  • Dragi: >21 000 km last year (enough said)
  • Eric: fairly new to Randoeneuring - but already accomplished
  • Darcy: yes - me
  • Al: at 63 is still a rock star; back in the day, he was the US national 24 hr Time Trial Champ
  • Ryan: completing his longest ride ever after a 200 km brevet a few weeks ago
Within the first10 km we emerged as a group that was looking to push the pace a bit and keep the stops as short as possible.  Below, you can see the route with each of the control points - control points are stops where you either have a shop owner sign your card with the time, or you pick up information on the course that would only be available if you rode the course e.g. on Belle Isle, the number 767 is embossed on this anchor (pictured) at the Coast Guard Station at the tip of the island.
We pushed through the early morning darkness and rain westward until we hit drier and brighter times on the shores of Lake St. Clair.  The first two stops - one at 42 km and the other at 75 km - were gas station/convenience stores: great to get some water and take in some more of the nutrition each of us stowed away on our bikes to keep us going all day.

Throughout the day, I had 9 servings of my Custom Infinit (250 calories, 4g protein/serving), some macadamia nuts, 1 serving of Infinit Cold Brew alongside a small bag of potato chips (aaaah), and 2 chocolate fudge Poptarts (best ever) with 40 km left.
 I was sharing with my wife, Brenda that it is incredible how much and how differently you can see things on a bike.  Even though we live close by, I have never been along the U.S. shores of St Clair - what a beautiful place! From the shores I could see the water tower in Tecumseh.  Grosse Point was also great, even with the dull skies that greeted us. I definitely intend to head back there for some sun another time.  Onward... straight down Jefferson through the heart of Detroit, with a dedicated bike lane most of the way (Windsor, we have to do better!).  Next, a loop around Belle Isle. This was so cool - to actually be riding the course that the Indy cars will be ripping around in a few weeks.  Then it was off to downtown Detroit: I go here often for events and food but, again, seeing it on a bike was an entirely new perspective. I loved it! 

When I first previewed this course, I was excited that I was going to see right up close, the places I usually see from across the river from Old Sandwich Town, Lasalle and Amherstburg.  In many ways - a world apart, yet 5 km away from where I ride all the time. Crazy!  In fact our cycling ESRCC - West team was riding along the east banks of the Detroit river at the very same time I was on the west bank on my way to explore Grosse Ile for the first time.  I really enjoyed this community.  Even seeing Zug Island, River Rouge and Wyandotte - all had a certain beauty on this day.  After getting off of Grosse Ile, we finally got away from all the stopping and starting associated with city streets, traffic lights and stop signs.  It was good to put our heads down and find some consistent pace. We worked well together, and when we separated we would wait for one another at the next turn.  After riding together for 7-8 hrs already, I wanted for all seven of us to finish together, which was exactly what we did.  We did have some opportunity to ride at our own pace where we could pick it up on a couple of longer stretches through the Metro-Parks near Kensington and Pickney. It was truly beautiful riding, I now understand why so many Windsor-Essex riders pop over there (and for the nice rolling hills).

I really enjoyed getting to know all the riders on the day while we were all exploring our limits.  We finished strong in the beautiful sunlight - the last 30 km were dominated by multi-use trails carved through the Michigan communities.  I am grateful for my time with the group of six with whom I shared this journey, and especially grateful for knowing a little more of what Michigan has to offer.

I'd be lying if I didn't say that I am pumped that 3 of my qualifying rides are complete:
  1. Rondeau Rando - 200 km, March 30th (Link to 200 km)
  2. Greece, Corinth to Thermo - 400 km, Apri 13th (Link to 400 km)
  3. Tour of Detroit - 300 km, May 19th 
  4. Coming soon - Windsor 600 km, June 8th

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Friday, May 17, 2019

Incredible Ironman Couple - This Is Why I Do What I Do!!!

Wednesday, I received this email that put a smile on my face and it is exactly the reason we do what we do at Infinit Nutrition Canada.

1st Overall AG-60-64
Hi Darcy,

Wanted to let you know that Jenn and myself appreciate the time you spent with us updating our nutrition formulas for our race last weekend in Santa Rosa. 

We both had excellent results and our new formulas were perfect.

Jenn won her AG (60-64) by over 45 minutes and is going to Kona for the 2nd time.

I had my first podium finish (5th in AG 55-59) after my best run off the bike. 3:41:18

Our next race is IM Calgary 70.3 in August with our eye on a slot for the 2020 70.3 championships in New Zealand. 

Thanks again, 

Jenn and Michael have been long time customers; they reached out to us in March and wanted to discuss a few tweaks to their Custom Blends for their upcoming race at Ironman Santa Rosa.  We hopped on a call to discuss together how we could tweak the blends to optimize their performance; their blends were ordered, sent, and - wow! What incredible results!

5th Overall AG-55-59
Both Michael and Jenn had solid swims and bikes, but most Ironman competitors know it is what you do on the run that makes the real difference.  I once heard (not sure if was my coach Richard Pady "Ironman is all about conserving energy and nourishing your body the best you can for the swim, the bike and the first half-marathon; the race starts on the second half-marathon".  In my personal experience and from what I have witnessed at all levels - those that run the 2nd half marathon close to their first 13.1 miles have results closest to their true potential on the day.  This is exactly what Jenn and Michael did - Jenn was less than 10 minutes slower for the second half and Michael under 7 minutes. These are incredible results: Mike was able to run the last 2 km at sub 5 min/km pace.

When you truly understand your personal fuel and hydration needs, and when you create a plan to ingest the right amount of calories, electrolytes and water, then execute - you can get results like this.  It is not rocket science (but it IS science), and it is not without some suffering (pain management) - but both Michael and Jenn raced at a level that they had trained for.  We are happy that we were able to fuel them to their potential.

Congrats Jenn and Michael - truly incredible results.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada