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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Road to IRONMAN: Pre-Training and Preparation

We are thrilled to welcome guest blogger, Andrew Buckrell, of STAC Performance, to the Team Infinit Blog. Andrew has his sights set on an Ironman in September - his first race at this distance. We will be taking you along his journey over the coming months so you can have an inside look at what preparation goes into becoming Ironman ready!


I've always been interested in pushing myself to the limits, but after a near catastrophic (and very disappointing) first attempt at a 70.3 race, I had resigned myself to shorter race distances -- primarily sprint and olympic distance triathlons.  I made all kinds of excuses: I sweat too much, I overheat too easily, and so on.  While the allure of pushing yourself right to the ragged edge for a relatively short event is attractive, I still feel like I'm missing out on some of the magic of completing an IRONMAN length event.

My mind was essentially made up for me while watching friend and professional triathlete Alex VanderLinden compete at the Mont-Tremblant Ironman last summer.  Seeing the effort and dedication these athletes put into the event, not to mention the production and spectacle that WTC puts on, it elevated the race in my mind to a "life experience" status, rather than just another race.  I was hooked on the idea.

After convincing friends and family that it was, indeed, a good idea, and not just another crazy notion of mine, I realized that I needed to prepare my body in every way possible.  I reached out to Alex VanderLinden for coaching duties, seeing as he was initially "responsible" for my ambitions, and at the same time I reached out to Darcy, CEO of Infinit Canada, for help with nutrition.

After an initial phone consultation with Darcy, he educated me on the theories behind proper nutrition.  This was, in no small part, responsible for my earlier 70.3 race failure.  After helping me come up with a custom nutrition formulation, I was ready to start my training.

I've always been a huge proponent of training exactly how you race, I knew that integrating proper nutrition into my training regimen was going to be a key to my IRONMAN success.

Andrew Buckrell
STAC Performance

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Racing for Heart and Stroke

We are excited to introduce you to Holger Bohm, and Infinit customer that is doing something pretty spectacular. Over the past few years, Holger and his family have been greatly influenced by two serious stroke incidents. First, his grandfather suffered a stroke that has now tied him to a wheelchair. A year later, when Holger's father was assisting with his dad's care, he himself suffered a stroke that caused both Holger's father and grandfather to fall to the floor, unable to seek or call for help. Unfortunately, his father did not survive the stroke.

His father was always a great supporter of Holger's athletic endeavours, introducing him to the sport of triathlon and competing in many races with his son. It was always their lifelong dream to race at Ironman Kona together. Holger plans to carry out their dream in 2018, vying to earn his spot in Kona in the fall, all while raising money for Heart and Stroke Research.

"Not only do I plan on realizing a dream, but I am also planning to reach a fundraising goal in partnership with the Heart and Stoke Foundation, for research to help discover the correlation of stroke-incidence in endurance sport."

For those of you who are outside the triathlon world, "the Kona district in Hawaii is the birthplace of Ironman long-distance triathlon, and serves as the annual World Championship, bringing in thousands of international participants to race the world’s toughest course. The race consists of a 3.8km wild ocean swim, followed by a 180km bike ride across lava fields and desert-like wind-swept conditions, and ends with a 42km marathon run, all in the blistering, relentless heat. Participating in this event is the dream of almost every long-distance triathlete, but the qualification process for this race is extremely challenging. Candidates must compete in a qualifying Ironman event and place in the top 3 of one’s age group, in an increasingly competitive field." (Endurance Loop - Holger's official site!)

Holger's journey to Ironman Kona is comprised of 3 stages, with 2 stages down and 1 to go! 

2016: "I represented Canada in the Olympic distance World Championship in Cozumel, Mexico. I also competed in the Wasa Triathlon, finishing 4th overall and 1st in my age group, and came in 3rd at the BC Championships in Kelowna. By the end of the racing season, I had raised $1200 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation; donations came mostly from friends and colleagues."

Holger's father, Ronald, during a bike our in the European Alps.
2017: "I failed to qualify for the Half Ironman (70.3) distance World Championship in Chattanooga, Tennessee, instead I battled a self inflicted Achilles injury and had my own run in with heart issues which made this journey even more important to me."

2018: "I am back with a vengeance and aim to compete at the Ironman Hawaii long-distance World Championship in October!" 

We encourage you to browse Holger's website and follow along on his journey! Of course, no challenge is complete without support! If you wish to donate towards Holger's mission and contribute to his $20,000 goal, follow this link

Good luck, Holger! The Infinit Team is rooting for you. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Making of A Great Partnership - Movati Athletic / Infinit Nutrition Canada

You have to be good to be lucky!  I am going to stick with that. At the same time we feel very fortunate to have forged the relationship we have with a premier fitness facility in Ontario which is quickly expanding across Canada - Movati Athletic.

So how did it start?  Well on a bad note, really.  In early summer last year Karin DiCarlo dropped into our storefront to let us know that she was unhappy with the taste of her Custom blend.  Karin was quickly impressed with how our Operations Manager, Jenn handled the situation.  Jenn said without pause, "that's OK Karin, we will replace it, we will make it right."  She also noted it might be a good idea to sit down with one of us so we could understand her race goals, what has worked nutritionally in the past, the benefits of proper hydration and to ensure we get her preferences built into the blend.  So we had that consult scheduled, but Jenn learned that Karin had a big training weekend coming up, so she got a GO Pack of Run or Ride into her hands so she wasn't leaving empty handed.

Infinit Power - created for Movati
The following week I had the opportunity to go through a Nutritional Consult with Karin.  We always start our consults by getting to know an athletes goals or A-races.  During our initial discussion it was clear to me that Karin was well educated with respect to nutrition and physiology - I asked: "Karin by your dialogue and the terms you are using it sounds like you may be educated in the sciences", Karin in turn: "Funny you should say that, I have an Applied Health Sciences Degree from Waterloo".  I thought this was great.  So we go through the rest of the consult - it was a good call and at the end, I ask: "Karin, I can't help but notice your email address, what capacity do you work with Movati.  Again: "Funny you should ask, I am the National Cafe Lead for Movati". Of course this was of interest to me. I knew that Movati was a great and growing brand in the fitness industry, so  I simply said - perhaps we will get an opportunity to discuss our roles and see if there isn't some sort of fit to work with one another.   A few weeks later we met at Infinit.

Karin was looking to offer her clients a product that would support their fitness and health goals.  A product that would keep folks hydrated, offer a small amount of carbohydrates, a bit of protein and BCAA's.  When formulating we had athletes participating in spinning and hot yoga in mind - calories would be kept to 100 and it would taste great for easy drinking.  We created samples of the new product and also offered up samples of our new product Infinit Cold Brew.  Both were a hit with Karin.  We produced trial quantities of each blend so Karin could get feedback from her fellow team members. After good feedback - we created about 1000 of each the Infinit Cold Brew and the newly named Infinit Power.  Product testing with clients at the Movati Orleans location in Ottawa was a huge hit.  We received our first order for all the clubs (14 at present) in November, subsequent orders in December and third orders have been received in the new year from the majority of the clubs.  Volume and feedback has exceeded both Karin's and my expectations - we are thrilled with the launch.

Karin and Movati have a very structured approach - there are recipe cards/booklets for the various shakes offered at their nutritional bars. One of them we are thrilled to be part of; one of the main ingredients of Mocha Almond Rush is Infinit Cold Brew.  Cold Brew is also served straight up on its own, a great treat after a workout (or anytime) that has 21 g of protein and just enough usable carbs.  Our focus to date with Movati has been on Cold Brew - in the coming weeks we know there will be a push to educate folks on Infinit Power.

As you can tell we are thrilled with the relationship.  Being that all the clubs are in Ontario - I am going on a road trip to visit each facility, do an hour work out, meet with the Team for an hour to understand what is going well, what we can improve upon and to understand future opportunities.  Trip is scheduled from Feb 5th through through to the 9th, we will be sure to share images and some insight to the Movati way next week. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to catch highlights of the Ontario road trip! 

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Monday, January 8, 2018

STAC Zero Bike Trainer - Quiet and Effective

I have always considered my Computrainer unequivocally; the best investment for improving my Ironman performance - the ability to train with power, ride against previous performances allowed me to always ratchet my performance upwards, I could never lose to myself.  I rode that thing religiously for 10 years - it made me a better cyclist.  However, it was a bit of a chore to make it work with the new online platforms.

I have been a bystander with the new online training environments - Trainer Road and Zwift.  When considering a new trainer, I wanted to find a unit that had power and easily interfaced with Zwift (based on my personal community - the most popular).  After researching a bit, I came across an innovative product with a new technology, STAC Zero. Frankly, it appeared to be too good to be true.  Price point was great, had power and their technology is silent.  How do you say?  Magnets.  I encourage you to take a look at their site to read about their system.  Besides being silent, it works with my mountain bike as well, as the magnets create resistance by being placed adjacent to your rim.  No need for training tires - easy to go from trainer to the road or trails.

After reading reviews from some really respected folks in the community, including DC Rainmaker, I was convinced. (DC Rainmaker Annual Trainer Recommendations).

I received the unit a couple days after ordering.  Set-up, Zwift account set-up and my first ride were all on Dec 2nd.  I didn't ride it again as we had a winter warm spell and then I went to Cape Town for 3 weeks. I got used to riding in South Africa with the 30°C weather. It was a shock upon my return - now it is -16C here in Canada; time to ride the trainer again!  After a couple of rides, I feel it's time to provide my initial thoughts.  As there is no huge drive unit - the design allows it to be folded flat, takes up little space and would be extremely easy to travel with.  I am aways a fan when you open a product and it is well packed - the STAC Zero was all that, very little to set-up and an easy to follow quick set-up guide.

I set the unit up in a couple of minutes - super simple.  I did struggle installing the Wheel Weight that acts as a flywheel to provide that smooth pedalling feel.  You will see the wheel I tried to install it on (top image), has a strange spoke pattern, so rather than struggle - I swapped the wheel with another I had on hand (Note-after discussing with the STAC Zero Team, they let me know there is a new design for the wheel weight that easily accommodates varying spoke patterns).  Start to finish - 15 minutes and I was pedalling.  I did try pedalling without the wheel weight, more for interest than anything.  I did find the pedalling to be jerky without the wheel weight.  Once installed,in smooth and I had plenty of resistance.  Now I need to get a Zwift account and figure that out.

Getting set-up on Zwift was a breeze; I had to create my account and download the app.  Once I had
my account set - I put my bike gear on and was ready to go.  As soon as you sign into Zwift - this screen appears (right).  I spun my wheel to wake up the power meter and instantly STAC Zero showed up in the Power area when I searched for devices, after clicking I was set.  Started a ride and my power was there, speed and cadence - that easy.  I rode for 45 minutes and was super impressed - great start (First STAC Zero / Zwift Ride).  As mentioned, I wasn't back to the trainer until coming home from vacation - rode for 90 minutes and again was really impressed.  I have a bit to learn riding in the Zwift environment, but as far as the trainer goes - so far so good.

I am really happy to have power again and to be able to interact with the online platforms.  The STAC Zero gives me plenty of resistance - riding at 244-250 watts feels smooth, I did stand and pushed some harder gears at lower cadence - seeing values in the 350's, has plenty for me!

So cool that these little magnets (above) that don't touch your bike at all create smooth resistance, while the only noise being generated is from your bike drive-train.

If you have any questions for me, ask in the comments - if I don't have the answer, I will get Andrew to chime in.  I am going ride for a month and I will report back on how things are going.

Hope your New Year has started well - have a fantastic 2018.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I Am Infinit: Vincent Fortin

Vincent Fortin is INFINIT. 

Occupation: IT Architect
Sport: Triathlon
Years in the sport: 5
Race Category: Age Group

Your Infinit Story: I started using Custom infinit nutrition in January 2015, I was training for Ironman Mont-Tremblant and I wanted my nutrition to be simple and stress free. I wanted to be able to concentrate on my racing rather than remembering to take this type of gel every 30min, that nutrition bar every other time and doing the calculation of how much of each I would need to bring and how to carry them on the bike and run.

Infinit nutrition was the answer, an all-in-one drink that covers all my nutritional need. After a consultation with Darcy, we quickly came up with my personal formula for endurance events. I immediately started using Infinit in my training and I loved the simplicity, two scoop per bottle, one bottle every hour. That was easy to remember and it worked.

The first real test came in during IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant 70.3 2016.That year we raced in very hot weather, a sunny 30 celcius day with a real feel of about 38 Celsius. During the bike and run I didn’t really think about, I just kept my strategy to drink about 1 bottle every hour and I was feeling good. But after the race, I saw how many people were dehydrated, some were forced to abandon, others spent hours in the medical centre! At that moment I realized how well I was hydrated and fuelled; that is how good Infinit Nutrition is. From that moment onward I was hooked and used  my personal long distance formula for every race, event and training session including Ironman Mont-Tremblant, several 70.3 and Olympic distance triathlon, Grand Fondo, road races and long trail runs.

What do you hope to achieve in the coming years? Qualifying for the 70.3 world championship is the main goal, I also want to race the full distance again and race more ultra-trail

Thursday, November 23, 2017

I Am Infinit: Noelle Montcalm

#TeamInfinit athlete Noelle Montcalm knows the top of the podium well. Throughout her years as a Lancer athlete and Olympian, she has made countless trips to the podium, has a number of National Championships under her belt, and qualified for her first Olympic Games in 2016. When she isn't training, she spends her time helping others as a Registered Nurse. Noelle is Infinit. Learn more about the track star below: 

Occupation: Registered nurse
Sport: Athletics 400mH, 4x400m relay 
Years in the Sport: Competed for U of Windsor varsity team, national team member since 2009

Infinit Story: After graduating from the U of Windsor in 2011/12, I decided to continue training full time in order to compete for Canada and make my first Olympic Games team, a long time goal of mine in the sport.  I met with Darcy at Infinit early in this quadrennial, on the recommendation of friend and fellow teammate Melissa Bishop, who had already been using the Infinit products.  I was excited to learn about the Infinit story itself and to bring them along on my own journey. Having a fuel source that is customizable to my individual needs was very intriguing to me! I love my blend in that I can change it for my needs throughout the season, However, I've only needed to change my custom blend once since starting with Infinit.  In addition, I love the Raw protein and repair blends for my intense training needs and they mix great in my post training smoothies. 

Noelle, right, and Melissa Bishop at the Rio Summer Olympics in 2016.

Future Goals: What do you hope to achieve in the coming years?:  Currently training to again represent Canada in 2018 at the Commonwealth Games in Australia and the North American Central American and Caribbean championships in Toronto, with the long term goal of representing Canada at every opportunity, including the next Summer Olympic Games!